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7 Questions to Help Prepare for a Child Custody Evaluation

A child custody evaluation is an informative tool that will help the courts establish the proper custody for children involved in the court system, whether due to a divorce, or death of a current guardian. Child custody is often worked out between two divorcing parties, but if that is not possible in mediation, then a Utah child custody evaluation will establish child custody for the feuding parents. Preparing for the evaluation can take some time, and it is important to be…

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Utah Child Custody Evaluation Tips

Child Custody Evaluation Tips Many family law proceedings encourage mediation, settlement and the two ex-spouses reaching their own agreement outside of the court, and child custody is no different. When parents cannot agree on custody and arbitration is necessary, one of the spouses usually requests a child custody evaluation to be ordered. In a child custody evaluation, the evaluator is going to recommend a plan for custody and visitation to both the two ex-spouses as well as the court. It…

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