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  1. Mother and Daughter Spending Time Together- Top-Rated Family & Child Custody Lawyer in Utah

    Handling Time-Sharing During the COVID-19 Pandemic FAQ

    When you have a child custody order for time-sharing, you may be confused as to what to do during the COVID-19 pandemic. Should you keep…

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  2. Lady Justice - Filing a Tax Return After Divorce

    How to Keep Your Cool When Filing Tax Return After Divorce

    Going through a divorce is hard enough already. When you throw in filing taxes as a separated or divorced couple, it can seem overwhelming. The…

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  3. COVID-19 Notice - Wall and Wall Attorneys at Law PC

    Coronavirus Update Regarding Appointments

    In light of the spreading coronavirus pandemic, Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law wants to do our part to contain its spread and to implement…

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  4. Prenuptial Agreement - 3 Critical Prenuptial Agreement Clauses Every Couple Should Include

    3 Critical Prenuptial Agreement Clauses For Every Couple to Include

    Many people have the wrong idea about prenuptial agreements, thinking that they apply exclusively to settling the terms of a divorce. Because of this, there…

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  5. Sitting far away - Key Tips for Sharing a Home with a Spouse During the Divorce Process

    Key Tips for Sharing a Home with a Spouse During the Divorce Process

    Going through a divorce can be a complicated process; however, when someone is living with a spouse while going through a divorce, the situation can…

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