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  1. Lady Justice - Filing a Tax Return After Divorce

    How to Keep Your Cool When Filing Tax Return After Divorce

    Going through a divorce is hard enough already. When you throw in filing taxes as a separated or divorced couple, it can seem overwhelming. The…

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  2. Coronavirus Update Regarding Appointments

    In light of the spreading coronavirus pandemic, Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law wants to do our part to contain its spread and to implement…

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  3. 3 Critical Prenuptial Agreement Clauses For Every Couple to Include

    Many people have the wrong idea about prenuptial agreements, thinking that they apply exclusively to settling the terms of a divorce. Because of this, there…

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  4. Key Tips for Sharing a Home with a Spouse During the Divorce Process

    Going through a divorce can be a complicated process; however, when someone is living with a spouse while going through a divorce, the situation can…

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  5. Answers to Important Child Support and Tax Questions

    It can be challenging to navigate the process of divorce and one of the most important aspects of this process is child support. Child custody,…

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