Save On Legal Fees

How to Be a Good Client and Save on Legal Fees.

Brant Wall and Cory WallEveryone wants to minimize their legal fees; there are several tips that we have for you to help you save on legal fees.    All of these tips translate to being a good client and enabling us to do the best possible job for you. 

    • Make a summary of the important facts your case in a Microsoft Word document.   Email this document to your attorney.  By emailing this document we can save this summary to our server and put a copy in your file to review at anytime or to draft pleadings.
    • When you call with questions or need additional information, leave a detailed message.   Often the paralegal or office staff are able to answer questions and confer with your attorney between their appointments to answer your question more quickly.   This is also cheaper in that when you deal with office staff or paralegal you are billed at a much lower rate than when dealing with the attorney directly. 
    • Always keep your attorney appraised of your current address and telephone numbers.   There are critical times when we may need to contact you and are unable to find you.  This will increase your fees with research and time. 
    • It is critically important to read all documentation that your attorney mails to you.   Review the materials and make notes.  Email or send your attorney a written response to those papers.  This is something that can be enclosed in your file with that documentation and be used in legal responses or during trial. 
    • Be certain to carefully calendar any dates that our office gives to you through phone messages or mail.   It is critical that you show up to court on time and to the right location. 
    • Make appointments with the office staff when you need to see your attorney.   This is much better than just showing up because he can pull your file and review the latest information before you arrive.  Please also let our office know if you are unable to keep an appointment or need to reschedule. 
    • Try to follow “The Plan” that you and your attorney have agreed on as the best course of action. 
    • If you are unhappy with the way your case is progressing, let your attorney know so that adjustments can be made or reassures given. 
    • Try to educate yourself about the legal system and your rights.   Understand that the legal system can be a very slow and methodical process that can be frustrating.
    • Review your itemized bills when they arrive.   It will help you understand the progress of your case.  If you are confused, call the office and they can help to clarify items for you. 
    • There are other items that you can do to save money on your case.   Let your attorney know that you are willing to do leg work or research.   When production of documents arrive or interrogatories, you can review them explicitly and summarize what is missing or the implications of the discoveries. 
    • When there are deadlines in your case to produce documents or put together your financial declaration, get that information in as quickly as you can.   Do not turn these documents in late, because then we have to call to get continuances and this creates additional billings. 
    • Do not make rash decisions or exhibit out of control behavior with the other party.   Expressing anger through behavior like keying your ex spouses car is not going to help your case.  Always keep yourself in control and make all decisions for the future.  Do not depend on habits with alcohol or drugs to get you through the stress of this process.  Having additional problems will cost you more money and interfere with the success of your case. 
    • Please let us know how we can best help you…..