DIY Divorce Assistance – Do-It-Yourself Divorce Attorney Assistance Program

DIY Divorce Assistance - Do It Yourself Divorce in Utah

How to Get a Divorce Attorney with Little Money for a Retainer

Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law understands that not everyone’s financial situation will allow them to pay a divorce attorney in the usual sense.  This is why we are now offering clients a way to get professional help with their divorce, while at the same time, keeping the cost of divorce under control. With the do-it-yourself divorce attorney assistance program, clients are allowed to pay for a single appointment with an attorney, and in return they will receive the professional services they will need to go through the process themselves, and obtain the desired result.  No one should enter a divorce process if they do not have the appropriate legal background, so we offer the needed guidance to make the process manageable.  With our help, our clients will be prepared to represent themselves competently and confidently.

What Kind of Services Are Provided in Do It Yourself Divorce Assistance?

In essence, this is a pay as you go service from Wall & Wall.  Our clients will pay for an appointment with an attorney who will provide assistance during that one appointment.  Then, the client is done; unless the client wants to prepay for more appointments, or if they choose to turn the case over to an attorney for the case’s duration.  It’s all up to our client.

Services offered during your appointment generally include, but are not entirely limited to:

  • Guidance in proposing or analyzing settlement offers
  • Explain enforcement of orders
  • Mediation Preparation
  • Trail argument preparation
  • Discuss “what if my ex does this” scenarios
  • Advise and create case strategy
  • Ensure clients understand pertinent laws
  • Discuss scenarios that may arise during divorce proceedings
  • Document preparation
  • Prepare our client for mediation
  • Review pleadings
  • Organize facts and evidence for the case
  • Advise clients how to use the facts and evidence for your case
  • Help you determine which issues are most important for your case.

The client’s responsibility in our DIY Divorce Assistance Program from Wall & Wall is to gather your own documents, prepare your own pleadings (with advice from an attorney), represent yourself in court, and to keep track of deadlines. 

Who Can We Help with Our Utah DIY Divorce?

Our Divorce and Family Law Attorneys Can Help in Many DIY Situations Including:

  • Child Custody Disagreements – Wall & Wall will help create strategy and educate you on your rights.  We want you to be legally prepared so whether you are the mother or the father, you can keep all of your custody and visitation rights that you deserve.
  • Child Custody Evaluations – We will advise you on documentation needed such as medical records, interviews with neighbors and teachers, and other information to help your case.
  • Assets and Property Disputes – We will assist you in fair distribution of martial assets and debts.  We’ll also advise you how to divide retirement funds, property, life insurance, and other property and funds.
  • Mediation – Prior to mediation, we will advise you of appropriate documents, strategies, and other considerations pertinent to your case. Clients can book a DIY appointment to accompany them in the mediation appointment as well.
  • Child Visitation – Visitation is very important for parents in a divorce.  We will help you prepare a plan and advise you on actions so you will maintain the right to see your children and remain an active part of your life.
  • Paternity Actions – It is important to have an appropriate strategy and to understand the papers needed to establish custody. With our help you’ll be ready.

The Do-it-Yourself Divorce Attorney Assistance Program helps ensure you know the paperwork to file and the other steps you will need to take to be successful in your divorce proceedings. To book a DIY divorce assistance appointment, complete the contact form on this page and someone will be in touch soon.

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