Representing Yourself in a Child Support Case with Help from a Utah Divorce Attorney

child-support-attorney-utahGetting Help with Your Child Support Case

Getting an attorney to help with child support can seem like a daunting task. After all, there’s no telling how long a case might last. Fortunately, Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law offer a better solution: you pay for appointments with a child support attorney one meeting at a time so that you can better represent yourself. You pay for each meeting with no contract or requirement of continued service--basically, pay for the attorney you need, when you need them. This lets you save money while still having an attorney on your side of the child support case whenever you need help!

When it comes to representing yourself in a child support case, there’s a number of potential obstacles:  everything from enforcing existing child support arrangements to developing counter strategies against an ex with an axe to grind. However, Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law are here to make sure you have a plan to overcome these obstacles so that when the time comes, you’re not just representing yourself–you’re representing the future you want to build with your child. Meeting with a specialist at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law helps you not only have a specific plan for specific issues that may arise, but regular meetings can also provide you with additional legal wisdom that may help you develop your own dynamic strategies as needed. After all, it only takes a single meeting for the most comprehensive plan to be out of date, but counsel from Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law helps you not just react to new information but to act on your own plans.

Some of the services that Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law can help you with the following:

  • Helping you to apply for child support
  • Helping to determine income
  • Reevaluating payment amounts due to income changes
  •  Registering liens against property and/or real estate of parents who fails to pay what they owe
  • Help in preparing for mediation hearings
  • Preparation for making arguments during trial
  • Preparing for any number of “what if” scenarios regarding ex-spouses
  • Advising and creating persuasive and dynamic case strategies
  • Help in understanding the wording and application of all laws pertinent to your particular case

Experienced Salt Lake City Child Support Attorneys in Utah

When it comes to child support, Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law take every aspect of it seriously. We know that there is nothing more important than your relationship with your child, and are prepared to offer you all of the tools and resources necessary to represent yourself in these matters. If you are wondering exactly how Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law can help you with your own child support case, please give us a call at 801-441-2388 for an absolutely free 30-minute consultation to see how we can help you create a better future for your family!

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