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Signing PaperworkThe practice of law is known for its overwhelming amounts of paperwork, specificity and confusion, price, and a wealth of other things making the average person’s ability to navigate the legal world seemingly impossible. A strong attorney can be expensive, so what can one do if they don’t have the time to attend law school or the money to pay for trustworthy legal aid? The answer to that question is easy, but many people are not aware of the option: Hire a paralegal!

Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law understand the fact that not everyone can retain an attorney, so we offer a realistic solution. Our independent paralegal services give you the ability to acquire competent legal advice at an affordable price.

Since most people’s first thoughts as they file for divorce, settle debts, resolve eviction issues, etc., is that lawyers are far too expensive, such folks never even consider the prospect of legal help. This mentality can be risky because, without professional legal advice, you can end up digging yourself a hole even deeper by making minor mistakes. We offer a program precisely for the sake of keeping that from happening! Our paralegal service program helps everyday people just like you and your neighbors obtain professional, well-intended help and advice without having to pay the full price of hiring an attorney.

What Is A Paralegal?

A paralegal is “a person trained in subsidiary legal matters, but not fully qualified as a lawyer.” In other words, paralegals are trained in legal matters and perform a wide array of tasks that require proper educational training in both the law and legal procedures. Just because they are not fully qualified as a lawyer does not mean their services are any less worthwhile. The majority of the time, they have taken and completed a specific series of courses with regards to the legal system and its processes. In fact, it is not uncommon for professional attorneys to actually rely on the expertise of paralegals with regards to completing a number of tasks.

As for the precise work of practicing paralegals, they are known for their competency and efficiency in performing a wealth of complicated legal tasks. Some of their work includes the following:

  • analyze and summarize depositions
  • prepare and answer interrogatories
  • draft procedural motions and other routine briefs
  • perform legal research and analysis
  • draft research memos
  • perform case and project management

Paralegal Services Program at Wall & Wall

When working with us, you can meet with an attorney for approximately 15-20 minutes before meeting with your appointed paralegal. In this meeting, you are able to prepare for meeting with your paralegal by asking questions and receiving some preliminary legal advice.

Paralegals do have a limit, however, which is paralegals are not allowed to represent someone in the courtroom itself – to have an attorney accompany you at court would be an extra fee. They are here, however, to assist you in your preparation for court as well as outside of the courtroom by helping you fill out complicated forms, representing you in mediated negotiations or preparing settlements, and a long list of nearly ‘everything else.’

How a Paralegal Can Help With the Following Issues

  • Family Law & Divorce: Paralegal help includes initial paper documents for divorce filings (summons, petition, etc.), disclosure declarations (income & expense, schedule of assets & debts), discovery documents & motions, arrears, judgment packets, etc.
  • Debt Collection / Bankruptcy Paralegal: assist clients with completion of required credit counseling prior to appropriate bankruptcy petitions, prepare Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy petitions (including finding out state exemptions and Chapter 13 plans), etc.
  • Landlord / Tenant Paralegal: help clients when signing a lease by ensuring it complies with applicable laws to protect your own interests, know and understand your rights, safeguard rights of both tenants and landlords, help landlords in the process of evicting a tenant, etc.
  • Civil Law Paralegal: assist clients in the process of taking cases to court (litigation), legal and factual research, looking up background information on involved parties, clarifying facts, manage confidential information, assist in preparation for trial, preparation and service of subpoenas, summarizing medical records, and setting up depositions, etc.

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