Legal Guardianship for Minors or Adults in Utah

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Do you need to make medical or legal decisions for a child who is not biologically yours or an adult who cannot oversee their own care? If so, Utah requires that you file for legal guardianship before you step in and make any decisions on their behalf. You can file for guardianship with confidence by partnering with our team at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law. With help from our Utah guardianship lawyers, you can see if it is likely for the courts to grant guardianship in your case. They can also help you understand the basics of adult guardianship and explore what does guardianship of a child mean.

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Why is Legal Guardianship Necessary?

Utah grants legal guardianship in a limited number of situations, including:

Legal Guardianship of Children in Need of Parental Care

Medical conditions, incarceration, and other issues can prevent parents from making care decisions for their children. When this happens, they need someone else to step in or their kids may end up in the foster system. By obtaining legal guardianship of a minor, a responsible adult can take over the care of those children and make any legal and medical decisions needed during that time.

Legal Guardianship of Vulnerable Adults

Although legal guardians are not needed after age 18, vulnerable adults, such as those with developmental disabilities, may not be able to make sound medical and legal decisions on their own. In order to help, however, it is necessary to file as a guardian of that individual before handling their care needs.

People Who Need Temporary Guardianship

While in crisis, people with mental health disorders may temporarily be unable to make their own medical and legal decisions. During that time, they need someone to file to be their guardian and make those decisions until they are better. Once that individual recovers, the temporary guardianship ends.

In these situations, people can greatly benefit from having a responsible adult take over their care. A judge must hear the case and approve the request to make it official, however, which can prove quite complex for many to navigate. Thankfully, your Utah guardianship lawyer can help.

How to Get Guardianship of an Adult or Minor in Utah

When you partner with an experienced lawyer, you can file for temporary guardianship or ask to be a guardian on a permanent basis, depending on the situation. Whether filing for guardianship of a child or an adult, the court will need you to detail why it is necessary. Reflect on why file for guardianship to come up with the reasons, and then share them with your lawyer.

Using their extensive experience and expertise, your lawyer will review the case and see if any other evidence will be needed. If the person in need of care will be 18 soon, for example, you will need to provide the court with a psychological evaluation or similar to proceed. No matter what is needed, they will assist you in gathering the proof you need to obtain legal guardianship for adults with disabilities or children in need of parental care.

In the Utah court system, you can expect this type of case to take up to three months to complete, if not contested. If other parties are fighting for guardianship as well, it could take a lot longer.

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When Does Guardianship Terminate in Utah?

If granted temporary guardianship, it will expire as soon as the vulnerable adult can make their own medical and legal decisions. Permanent guardianship, on the other hand, only expires after a request to terminate the arrangement, which must be approved by the court. The death of the protected individual or their guardian also ends the arrangement.

Guardianship Forms

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