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5 Tips for Child Custody Disputes

A divorce can be quite strenuous. Child custody disputes only make it worse. You are steadfast towards winning custody of your child, but are you doing it right? Do you know what works and what doesn’t work in your favor? Here are the top 5 tips for when you are experiencing a child custody dispute. 1. Prepare the Necessary Documentation This should be done in cases where you genuinely believe that the other party poses any danger to the children.…

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3 Steps for Accepting Divorce and Moving On

Divorce is always a painful experience to deal with. It can turn your entire life upside down. Separation is not only a loss of marriage and relationship but also a loss of shared commitments and dreams. Everyone in the family including children are disrupted which result in mixed emotions and feelings of anger, depression, guilt, stress, revenge, hopelessness, disappointment, and rejection. A divorce can also cause emptiness, loneliness, low self-esteem, fear, and uncertainty about the future. There is nothing easy…

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Marriage Mementos: Keep or Toss?

What should we do with marriage mementos? When we tie the knot, we believe it lifetime journey. Sadly, some honeymoons end sooner than anticipated while others continue to thrive. Emotional confusion enables us to somehow pull through from all the chaos involved in the divorce process. Moving after divorce involves physical and emotional aspects. The process may be painful at first depending on the reasons for our break up. However, every divorce is unique and should be treated as such.…

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7 Things You Can Do When You Feel Alone

Loneliness is a painful experience for anybody. Naturally, we crave for attention, intimacy, and love from other people. However, there are moments when one feels isolated. Here are seven ideas that may help when you feel alone. 1. Self Appreciation It’s a good idea to appreciate yourself despite the challenges you experience. Love yourself and understand your unique skills and talents. If you focus on your health, passion, and work, loneliness won’t start creeping in into your life. 2. Socialize…

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Friends and Divorce: The Friends You Want, Need, and Don’t Need

Friendship is a vital part of life for most of us, especially after a divorce. Investing in friendships and knowing who to turn to while going through this difficult process can ease emotional burden. Life with good friends is just easier. Below is a description of the kind of friends we want, those we need, and those we should probably avoid. The Luxury Friends “Old Times” Friend Remember your single days? This is the friend from your youthful days who…

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