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Divorce Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid

Although 40-50% of the married couples in the U.S. end up divorcing, only 5% of divorce cases end up in a trial. The divorcing couple is often faced with psychological, financial, and legal challenges which can cloud their better judgment. In this post, we discuss a few mistakes you need to avoid during your divorce negotiations. Not having a divorce settlement checklist Most divorcing couples think that merely because they will not be going to court, they do not need…

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How to Co-Parent Effectively After a Divorce

Are you in the beginning stages of divorce and have questions and concerns about how to best help your children transition to a new family structure? If so, you’ll be glad to know that things have changed significantly since the days when judges routinely awarded custody to one parent while the other made do with cookie-cutter visitation rights that entailed every other weekend, every Wednesday night, and six weeks during summer break from school. Today’s courts are far more likely…

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Avoiding Fear-Based Decision Making When Co-Parents Use Threats During Divorce

When it comes to ending a marriage, uncertainty, fear, and stress are normal parts of the divorce landscape. No matter the terms you and your spouse are ending on, it’s not uncommon to experience a wide range of conflicting emotions that can be unsettling and even debilitating. However, in some instances, your spouse or co-parent can purposely feed those negatives emotions with threats in an effort to manipulate you and coerce you to make poor, fear-based decisions. The problem with…

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4 Reasons Why Taking a Vacation After Divorce is Good for Your Health

Vacation can be hard to come by with the obligations that come with both personal relationships and professional life. On the other hand, taking a vacation also has numerous benefits for both personal and professional relationships. When people go on vacation and change the scenery, they stimulate an increase in creativity. This is one of the reasons that those who build a career in the arts almost have a mobile workshop or studio. The change in scenery helps to stimulate…

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5 Ways to Build a Strong and Healthy Bond with Your Stepchildren

When someone develops a romantic relationship with another person who already has kids, they might have trouble navigating life with stepchildren. It can be hard for children to adjust to a new authority figure in their life; however, this relationship could also be very beneficial for not only the parents but the children as well. Because of this, it is important for stepparents to know how to bond with stepchildren. There are several helpful tips that every stepparent should keep…

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