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Friends and Divorce: The Friends You Want, Need, and Don’t Need

Friendship is a vital part of life for most of us, especially after a divorce. Investing in friendships and knowing who to turn to while going through this difficult process can ease emotional burden. Life with good friends is just easier. Below is a description of the kind of friends we want, those we need, and those we should probably avoid. The Luxury Friends “Old Times” Friend Remember your single days? This is the friend from your youthful days who…

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4 Solutions For When You Feel Down After a Divorce

Why do we sometimes feel down? It can be because of a particular event such as a divorce. Perhaps you might feel as if no one cares. This might not be the actual reality. But the logic of reality might not change the way you feel. So how do you put yourself in a good mood? Sometimes feeling down needs a concrete solution. Here are 4 easy solutions to improve your mood: Get a good exercise. Eat healthier foods. Make…

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How to Adjust Your Child Support Agreement

When child support agreements are created, they reflect the parents’ financial circumstances at that moment, and it’s very common for these conditions to change with time. Many different situations can prompt an adjustment to a child support arrangement, including injuries, changes in employment, or even changes in the economy such as inflation. Modifying child support can be either temporary or permanent, and requested by either the payer or the recipient. Informal Agreements While it’s uncommon, some couples can informally agree…

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3 Ways to Mess Up Your Prenup

Marriages can turn ugly at certain times forcing spouses to go separate ways. A divorce is an expensive and emotional affair to deal with when it happens. If you have been married before, you know how things can unravel. If you are looking forward to your first marriage, it’s always good to prepare for any eventuality. In every divorce case, each party feels that he/she is disadvantaged and that the settlement agreement should favor him/her. Most partners tend to draft…

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Top 5 Hacks for an Enjoyable Co-Parenting Experience

You were in marriage but broke up. You still have the responsibility of taking care of your children. However, given that the children may be with your ex-partner and circumstances surrounding your divorce, co-parenting may not be easy. Here are a few hacks to make the experience worthwhile and enable you to give the best care to your children. 1. Support Your Ex-Partner and Stay Positive Despite the fact that you both moved on, you are part of the children’s…

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