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Top 5 Hacks for an Enjoyable Co-Parenting Experience

You were in marriage but broke up. You still have the responsibility of taking care of your children. However, given that the children may be with your ex-partner and circumstances surrounding your divorce, co-parenting may not be easy. Here are a few hacks to make the experience worthwhile and enable you to give the best care to your children. 1. Support Your Ex-Partner and Stay Positive Despite the fact that you both moved on, you are part of the children’s…

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When Will I Feel Like Me Again After a Divorce?

Did you know that your identity is your individuality? There can only be one you on this earth even if you were born identical twins. Your identity represents the true you; you were born with your own set of unique characteristics, you have your name and individual wishes that nobody else can understand better. However, a lot of things tend to change when you start dating and when you finally get into marriage. Quite often, couples go through a series…

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Out of State Visitation: What To Know When Your Kids Fly Alone

Don’t Clip Their Wings: Letting Kids Fly Solo After Divorce The fateful words to end “forever” vows have been spoken. The belongings have been divided. The papers have been signed. You are officially divorced. But your child hasn’t divorced your spouse and must see them. But what do you do if your ex-spouse now lives hundreds or thousands of miles away? Children riding alone on airplanes isn’t necessarily a new concept but can be a scary one for parents, but…

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5 Things to Know About Taxes, Child Support and Alimony In Utah

Child support is a contentious issue in Utah for parents who are considering divorce. Despite the separation, enough time is crucial for the health and happiness of the minor children and the divorcing parents alike. Under the Utah law, both parents have to offer financial support for the children. Without it, many aspects of their lives get affected, education and healthcare included. Utah has defined Child Support Guidelines that determine the child’s obligation of every parent. The guidelines have three…

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How to Gracefully Attend an Event as Co-Parents

Divorce or separation is always painful and stressful, but research suggests that children affected by the process can expect significantly better life outcomes if they are co-parented rather than placed in the sole care of one parent. Co-parenting arrangements should of course cover such essentials as formal custody, schooling and healthcare arrangements. But a child’s life will also include a wide variety of events such as parent/teacher meetings, sports matches, family occasions, birthday parties and other social gatherings which one…

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