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Selling a Home During Divorce: What to Consider

Selling your home as part of the divorce process can cause serious financial consequences since everything is done hurriedly and lots of emotions are involved. As such, serious considerations should be made by the divorcing couple to ensure that their marital differences do not end up in financial strain. Undoubtedly, one of the questions which will linger in your mind during such a situation is, do I have to sell my house in a divorce? Also, you need to know…

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4 Ways to Overcome Passive-Aggressive Co-Parenting

The divorce process can be very challenging when you have to co-parent with a passive-aggressive parent. Some parents have a hard time accepting that their ex is in charge of the children part-time. Everyone knows that successful co-parenting means focusing on the kids at all times and in all situations. However, some exes just lack consideration and want to gain favor with the kids, and some are just lazy when it comes to disciplining the kids and setting boundaries. In…

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How to Recover Emotionally After a Divorce

The divorce process is difficult, but for many people, trying to feel normal again after a divorce is even harder. In fact, studies have found that it takes most people about two years to recover from a divorce – and if you don’t let yourself move on, it can take even longer. To help you make it through this difficult time, here are 3 tips on how to recover emotionally after a divorce: 1. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for…

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8 Things Divorced People Want To Say To Their Married Friends

I had never thought of divorce 15 years ago. Everything was perfect until ‘things’ started heading south. Divorce is personal, emotional and time-consuming. No one understands what you go through. Saying it consumed me is an underestimation. My advice? For Utah residents, the divorce process begins by hiring an experienced divorce attorney in SLC to help you navigate legal processes. Then you have married friends who rally behind you every step of the way. Honestly, most of them can’t comprehend…

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5 Tips for Child Custody Disputes

A divorce can be quite strenuous. Child custody disputes only make it worse. You are steadfast towards winning custody of your child, but are you doing it right? Do you know what works and what doesn’t work in your favor? Here are the top 5 tips for when you are experiencing a child custody dispute. 1. Prepare the Necessary Documentation This should be done in cases where you genuinely believe that the other party poses any danger to the children.…

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