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What You SHOULD and SHOULD NOT Say to a Person Going Through a Divorce

As a marriage comes to an end, most persons will go through a series of emotional, mental, and physical stages. Sometimes there may be an adjustment to new living arrangements, reduced finances, and single or shared parenting. In addition to those real life adjustments, the estranged couple is also addressing the legalities of divorce. As a friend, co-worker, or family member – it can be difficult to know just what to say, and more importantly what not to say, when…

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Property Division: Things You Probably Didn’t Think Of

If you are going through a marital separation and divorce, you have probably already met with emotional challenges and other difficulties that usually come as part of the experience of divorce. Among the most problematic steps of the divorce process can be dealing with the issue of property division. The dividing of a property is, of course, important for the future of the divorced person, and it is also a major, and often painful, step in officially acknowledging the end…

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Divorce in Utah and Keeping the Pets You Love

In the work we’ve done through our law firm in Salt Lake City since 1973, we’ve found that almost no married people in Utah have written prenuptial agreements with provisions for keeping their pets if the marriage dissolves. The question of who keeps the cats, dogs, or other pets will often come up suddenly, and under stress. This question can make agreeing over anything that much harder. A good Utah divorce lawyer understands the stress, can help deescalate the tension, and guide the client…

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9 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Post Divorce This Holiday Season

While we generally think of the holidays as a time for celebrating with friends and family, they can be a difficult time if you’ve just gone through a divorce. If you’re wondering how you’ll get through this holiday season, here are 9 tips to make the holidays a little merrier.  Have patience: It’s important to remember the holidays are a stressful time for everyone. You need to shop, run errands, address cards—all of this on top of your divorce can…

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The Art of Co-Parenting During the Holiday Season

Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law, P.C. wish you a pleasant holiday season and plenty of support to see you through. Know that you have good counsel on your side, and you can entrust your personal matters to us, helping you to handle personal challenges with strength and grace. We know that many people meet the festive season with joy, anticipation. . .and stress. Parents who have separated from each other may have more than their share of the latter.…

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