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9 Things Kids Need to Hear from Their Parents After Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult time for all those involved, but often times children can be affected more significantly than the parents. Even younger children can be good at putting up a wall that makes them appear to be ok when they are anything but. They often struggle inside and may not feel like they have a place to turn when their parents are in the midst of a divorce amicable or not. Even if your child appears to be…

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6 Ways to Help Children After Divorce

It’s hard to deny that some children appear to do fine (or even better!) after their parents divorce. Depending on how difficult things were at home before Mom and Dad decided to go their separate ways, kids may breathe the same sigh of relief when it comes to an end. That said, it is important to understand that some children will take the divorce of their parents very personally–regardless of how frequently or genuinely they are encouraged to do otherwise.…

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After the Divorce: Setting Boundaries with Extended Family

There’s no way around it. Divorce can be very complicated, despite our best efforts to keep things as normal as possible where the kids are concerned. Especially where extended family–grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins–are concerned, getting everyone to agree on the house rules can be exhausting. At the end of the day, children whose parents have divorced simply want to know that they are loved, safe, and wanted. And with a little effort–shown in a few specific ways–the extended family can…

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6 Ways to Take Care of Yourself After a Divorce

You may have agreed to be with your spouse until death do you part, but sadly, it didn’t quite work out that way. Whether you were the one who agreed to it or it was your soon-to-be-ex spouse, the two of you are getting a divorce. Some divorces happen because a couple slowly realizes they’re no longer compatible with one another. They decide to do what’s best for each other’s personal wellbeing and split up. That said, some divorces are…

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5 Things a Paralegal Can Help with During a Divorce

What Can a Paralegal Do? Going through a divorce can be a complex, overwhelming legal process. Could a paralegal help you? Paralegals are professionals that can handle many aspects of the divorce process. These individuals often work side-by-side with attorneys, taking some of their work for them. Paralegals are qualified professionals with significant education and training to perform many aspects of legal work. They work under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Some paralegals work independently providing only specific duties…

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