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What You Can Do to Keep the Family Holidays Happy During Divorce

The holidays present some of life’s most meaningful occasions for celebrating, and for creating lifelong memories for you and your children to share. The first several holidays with your children, as a single parent, are especially important for establishing a sense of normalcy after divorce and a sense that holidays are still a time to enjoy being together. Below, we have provided a basic holiday checklist for divorced parents, to help you and your kids enjoy a smooth and happy season of…

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5 Ways Divorced Parents Can Manage Holiday Child Visitation

While custody and visitation agreements can do a great deal to maintain a healthy parent-child relationship, you may find yourself the odd person out on certain holidays. Not spending those times with your child can be difficult. As an experienced Utah family law firm, our attorneys at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law understand emotions can run high during the holidays. That’s why we have compiled these suggestions to help you manage holidays you spend apart from your child. 1. Discuss The…

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7 Tips to Help Guide Your Child Through a High-Conflict Divorce

During high-conflict divorce proceedings, children can bear scars greater than those of the feuding couple. This happens because, consciously or unconsciously, either or both parent attempts to punish the other – or eliminate his or her chances of winning custody – by alienating the child from the other parent. The parent that is the recipient of such parent alienation can reduce the child or children’s pain, however. The Salt Lake City, Utah legal experts at Wall & Wall Attorneys at…

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4 Post-Divorce Tips for Real Life

You might get advice and post-divorce tips from well-meaning friends and family like; “you can re-invent yourself“, or “you’re better off now“. While you know these one-liners come from a place of love and caring, please don’t buy into the smooth sounding anecdotes to encompass your life from this point on. The fact is that YOU ARE YOU. You always have been and you always will be. Your situation isn’t ‘just like’ everyone else’s, you are not a cliché. When…

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9 Things Kids Need to Hear from Their Parents After Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult time for all those involved, but often times children can be affected more significantly than the parents. Even younger children can be good at putting up a wall that makes them appear to be ok when they are anything but. They often struggle inside and may not feel like they have a place to turn when their parents are in the midst of a divorce amicable or not. Even if your child appears to be…

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