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How to Ensure Successful Long Distance Co-Parenting

In a perfect world, after a divorce involving children, both parents live close to one another. However, this isn’t always possible. Things like military duty, a job relocation or simply a move across state lines can happen. The good news is that it is possible to parent across state lines. The most important thing is that both parents are willing to work together to make long-distance parenting work. Here are 6 tips from leading Utah divorce lawyers at Wall &…

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Selling a Home During Divorce: What to Consider

Selling your home as part of the divorce process can cause serious financial consequences since everything is done hurriedly and lots of emotions are involved. As such, serious considerations should be made by the divorcing couple to ensure that their marital differences do not end up in financial strain. Undoubtedly, one of the questions which will linger in your mind during such a situation is, do I have to sell my house in a divorce? Also, you need to know…

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Marriage Mementos: Keep or Toss?

What should we do with marriage mementos? When we tie the knot, we believe it lifetime journey. Sadly, some marriages end sooner than anticipated while others continue to thrive. Emotional confusion enables us to somehow pull through from all the chaos involved in the divorce process. Moving on after divorce involves physical and emotional aspects. The process may be painful at first depending on the reasons for our break up. However, every divorce is unique and should be treated as…

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3 Ways to Mess Up Your Prenup

Marriages can turn ugly at certain times forcing spouses to go separate ways. A divorce is an expensive and emotional affair to deal with when it happens. If you have been married before, you know how things can unravel. If you are looking forward to your first marriage, it’s always good to prepare for any eventuality. In every divorce case, each party feels that he/she is disadvantaged and that the settlement agreement should favor him/her. Most partners tend to draft…

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10 Co-Parenting New Year’s Resolutions

Co-parenting is a complicated proposition that few people are prepared for or happy to encounter. This setup can work out well, though, if both parents assume a mature, responsible, and put the-children-first attitude. What often happens, however, is that one parent (or maybe both) act childishly or vindictively. Or maybe both mean well, but one is too permissive, while the other one is too stern. In a perfect world, both parents should get everything they want while children get the…

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