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3 Ways to Mess Up Your Prenup

Marriages can turn ugly at certain times forcing spouses to go separate ways. A divorce is an expensive and emotional affair to deal with when it happens. If you have been married before, you know how things can unravel. If you are looking forward to your first marriage, it’s always good to prepare for any eventuality. In every divorce case, each party feels that he/she is disadvantaged and that the settlement agreement should favor him/her. Most partners tend to draft…

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10 Co-Parenting New Year’s Resolutions

Co-parenting is a complicated proposition that few people are prepared for or happy to encounter. This setup can work out well, though, if both parents assume a mature, responsible, and put the-children-first attitude. What often happens, however, is that one parent (or maybe both) act childishly or vindictively. Or maybe both mean well, but one is too permissive, while the other one is too stern. In a perfect world, both parents should get everything they want while children get the…

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10 Tips for Stepparents Entering a Blended Family

So, you’re getting remarried and both you and your new spouse have children? Wondering what to expect? Picturing reruns of The Brady Bunch? We hate to break it to you, but not every blended family gets along as well as they did. However, there are some things you can do to help make the transition into a blended family easier. 1. Get to Know the Kids You probably won’t fall in love with your new spouse’s children overnight. Feelings of…

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What You Can Do to Keep the Family Holidays Happy During Divorce

The holidays present some of life’s most meaningful occasions for celebrating, and for creating lifelong memories for you and your children to share. The first several holidays with your children, as a single parent, are especially important for establishing a sense of normalcy after divorce and a sense that holidays are still a time to enjoy being together. Below, we have provided a basic holiday checklist for divorced parents, to help you and your kids enjoy a smooth and happy season of…

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How Holidays Affect Child Visitation Schedules

Holidays can be a stressful time for many people, especially those families in which the parents are divorced. Issues regarding child visitation or parent time schedules can compound the strain that may occurs. There may be concerns that may require both parents reevaluating their holiday parent time schedules. If your parent time schedule is no longer benefiting your child, and you have valid reason wanting it modified, Wall Legal Solutions may be able to help you. We have team of…

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