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Why it’s Important to Inform Your Child’s Teacher On Your Divorce

Impact of Divorce on Children Going through a divorce or separation is hard for everyone, but it can be extra hard on the kids. Divorce during the school year is tough on children. There are many things parents can do to help make the process easier. One way to help your child cope with divorce is to inform the school on what’s going on; here’s why: 3 Reasons it’s Important to Tell Your Child’s Teacher about Your Divorce 1. Who…

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How to Ensure Successful Long Distance Co-Parenting

In a perfect world, after a divorce involving children, both parents live close to one another. However, this isn’t always possible. Things like military duty, a job relocation or simply a move across state lines can happen. The good news is that it is possible to parent across state lines. The most important thing is that both parents are willing to work together to make long-distance parenting work. Here are 6 tips from leading Utah divorce lawyers at Wall &…

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Kids of Divorce are Speaking Out. Here’s What They Have to Say

Although a marriage should last a lifetime, sometimes unavoidable circumstances can lead to divorce. The late Nora Ephron once said that marriages come and go but divorce is forever. Dealing with a divorce that doesn’t involve kids is relatively easy compared to the one in which kids are involved. While you can move on swiftly and find another partner, your kids will always be tied to you and your ex-husband/wife. If you ask any child in the midst of a…

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5 Concerns from Kids of Divorce and What You Can Do to Help

Kids that have experienced their parents getting a divorce grow up to be resilient and learn to see life’s challenges from a different perspective. At first, they may experience social anxiety and worry about dropping grades, not receiving moral support from both parents, and loss of companionship from mom or dad.  Different kids handle divorce differently and knowing your kids well should be the first step before you book them in for counseling. During this period, it’s important that you know what’s…

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How to Manage a Shared Family Calendar

Your child’s extracurricular activities serve as an important way to instill perseverance, dedication, and dependability. This applies to many different aspects of your child’s life including school events and church involvement as well as after-school sports, training, and rehearsals. As parents, it is our job to make sure our kids get to where they need to be, on-time. Even though it may be challenging, it is essential for both parents to acknowledge the significance of following through with their children’s…

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