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How to Put Together a Parenting Plan Checklist

Checklist for Writing a Parenting Plan If you have children and are going through a divorce, then writing a Parenting Plan for how you and your spouse will handle childcare issues is one of the most important things you can do right now. A written-out, agreed-upon parenting plan will improve communication and avoid a lot of conflicts down the road, and it will help give your children greater consistency and stability. How to Write a Parenting Plan When writing a…

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Make Co-parenting Easier with a Child Custody Calendar

Ease Child Custody with Shared Calendar Software One of the toughest aspects of participating in shared custody during and after a divorce is keeping track of dates and times to be sure each parent fulfills their custody responsibilities and maximizes their time with the children. Setting up a child custody calendar using a website or software which both parents can access helps to eliminate misunderstanding and enable successful custody transfers. You can find many different free child custody calendar options…

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4 Ways to Overcome Passive-Aggressive Co-Parenting

The divorce process can be very challenging when you have to co-parent with a passive-aggressive parent. Some parents have a hard time accepting that their ex is in charge of the children part-time. Everyone knows that successful co-parenting means focusing on the kids at all times and in all situations. However, some exes just lack consideration and want to gain favor with the kids, and some are just lazy when it comes to disciplining the kids and setting boundaries. In…

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Marriage Mementos: Keep or Toss?

What should we do with marriage mementos? When we tie the knot, we believe it lifetime journey. Sadly, some marriages end sooner than anticipated while others continue to thrive. Emotional confusion enables us to somehow pull through from all the chaos involved in the divorce process. Moving on after divorce involves physical and emotional aspects. The process may be painful at first depending on the reasons for our break up. However, every divorce is unique and should be treated as…

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How to Adjust Your Child Support Agreement

When child support agreements are created, they reflect the parents’ financial circumstances at that moment, and it’s very common for these conditions to change with time. Many different situations can prompt an adjustment to a child support arrangement, including injuries, changes in employment, or even changes in the economy such as inflation. Modifying child support can be either temporary or permanent, and requested by either the payer or the recipient. Informal Agreements While it’s uncommon, some couples can informally agree…

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