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5 Things to Know About Taxes, Child Support and Alimony In Utah

Child support is a contentious issue in Utah for parents who are considering divorce. Despite the separation, enough time is crucial for the health and happiness of the minor children and the divorcing parents alike. Under the Utah law, both parents have to offer financial support for the children. Without it, many aspects of their lives get affected, education and healthcare included. Utah has defined Child Support Guidelines that determine the child’s obligation of every parent. The guidelines have three…

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How to Gracefully Attend an Event as Co-Parents

Divorce or separation is always painful and stressful, but research suggests that children affected by the process can expect significantly better life outcomes if they are co-parented rather than placed in the sole care of one parent. Co-parenting arrangements should of course cover such essentials as formal custody, schooling and healthcare arrangements. But a child’s life will also include a wide variety of events such as parent/teacher meetings, sports matches, family occasions, birthday parties and other social gatherings which one…

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7 Holiday Parenting Considerations When Your Kids Are with the Other Parent

Have you gone through a divorce and there are kids involved? Are you wondering how to handle the holidays when your children will be with your ex? If so, we’ve got you covered. We’re about to break down seven things that you need to consider when your children will be with the other parent during the holidays. 1. Get into The Holiday Spirit The holidays are at the time for forgiving, selflessness and brand-new starts. Try to let go of…

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The 2 Greatest Gifts You Can Give You and Your Kids After a Divorce

You may still be struggling to regain your emotional, psychological, financial, and family management balance after divorce, only to find the holidays are now rushing toward you. You may feel a deep sense of guilt about deficiencies you may believe you have as a single parent that may be negatively impacting your kids. You may think that your kids will feel you’re depriving them of the big expensive gifts that you just can’t afford this year. We hope you will…

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4 Post-Divorce Tips for Real Life

You might get advice and post-divorce tips from well-meaning friends and family like; “you can re-invent yourself“, or “you’re better off now“. While you know these one-liners come from a place of love and caring, please don’t buy into the smooth sounding anecdotes to encompass your life from this point on. The fact is that YOU ARE YOU. You always have been and you always will be. Your situation isn’t ‘just like’ everyone else’s, you are not a cliché. When…

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