Real Estate Attorney Utah

There was a time when buying or selling real estate involved an exchange of money and a handshake. Those days are long gone. Real estate transactions today are complicated and require professional counsel to navigate successfully. If you need the best real estate attorney in Utah, call Wall and Wall Attorneys at Law at (801) 441-2388 for expert legal guidance on residential or commercial real estate in Utah.

Our Utah Law Firm Specializes in the Following Real Estate Areas:

  • Real Estate Law  - Real Estate Lawyer near Salt Lake City UtahGeneral real estate– We meet the needs of any party involved in a real estate transaction or involved in a dispute, whether they be individuals, developers, businesses, title companies, or other, commercial or residential.
  • Litigation– We believe in aggressive representation that gets results. Our clients’ interests and investments are our first priority.
  • Quiet title disputes– Our attorneys are highly experienced in all types of title services and in title issues litigation, including quiet title challenges, which can prevent an individual from selling commercial or residential property. We offer title services for individuals, businesses, and for title companies.
  • Boundary and easement disputes– Disputes over boundaries are among the most common causes of litigation, but can also be among the most complicated and costly. We’re dedicated to protecting your property rights from individual, business, or public entities.
  • Contractual disputes– Disagreements over contracts are another common reason parties wind up in court. Our firm is highly experienced in handling real estate contracts of any kind, especially purchase and lease agreements, and we can assist you in enforcing the terms of a contract or defend you against accusations of breach.
  • Evictions– Evicting a tenant can be a tricky and time consuming process that can be costly for a landlord. Conversely, if you are a tenant facing eviction you’re involved in a troublesome and costly situation also. Our attorneys can help with either situation to make sure your rights are protected, and possibly mediate an agreement to avoid eviction altogether.
  • Development and zoning issues– Navigating the complicated laws governing real estate development and zoning truly requires an experienced hand to avoid disputes and litigation. We can oversee compliance and deal with challenges involving both local and state zoning laws. We can also assist with environmental compliance and contamination litigation.
  • Eminent Domain– If the city is looking to take your home in order to build a structure or widen a road, they may be offering you less than you deserve. You are not required to take any offer. Our experienced attorneys can help you get a fair offer for your land or property.

How a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help with Your Case

Our practice provides comprehensive real estate legal services, everything from negotiating contracts to analyzing environmental issues, including purchase and leasing contracts, timeshares, neighborhood association problems, and construction disputes. We also offer title insurance services for both private owners and title companies. We pride ourselves on timely service in the most cost effective manner possible.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, a landlord, developer or broker, whatever facet of the real estate industry you represent, our attorneys have extensive experience with any legal assistance you may require, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Negotiating and writing contracts, and mediating contract disputes
  • Overseeing foreclosures and evictions
  • Drafting leases, including leases with purchase options
  • Handling development issues of all kinds, including eminent domain, boundary disputes, easements, and environmental issues
  • Investigating title documentation and mediating disagreements
  • Preparing documentation of any type, including loan packages, conveyance and closing documents, and condominium declarations

Real Estate Attorney Near Salt Lake City

We provide a comprehensive range of residential and commercial real estate legal services to individuals, businesses, real estate agents and brokers, and title companies. We perform the routine necessities of writing contracts and other legal documents, ensuring compliance, and pursuing or defending against litigation. We serve our clients with integrity and commitment, with an emphasis on timely completion and cost savings. Whatever your real estate legal needs, we’re ready to serve you.

We offer bilingual services in both English and Spanish. Contact Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law PC, today for a free 30 minute consultation about your real estate needs.