Legal Contracts


If you have ever purchased a home or vehicle, formed a business or partnership or even worked as an employee or independent contractor, you’ve likely encountered some form of contract. From simple agreements to complex multi-page documents, a contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties. No matter how skilled you are at other facets of your business and personal life, reviewing and understanding a contract requires a specialist.

Understanding how contracts work and can be enforced will help you protect yourself and understand when you need to seek legal help. Contracts aren’t just for business — they can impact your personal life, your children and your future as well. In divorce and child custody situations, properly interpreting contract law and setting up a fair and reasonable agreement will help you protect your children and preserve your rights. If you have been presented with a contract and need help reviewing it and fully understanding what you are agreeing to, contact us before you sign on the dotted line.

How a Utah Attorney Help with Legal Documents

Contracts have long lasting ramifications and agreeing to terms you don’t fully understand can have dramatic and catastrophic impact on your life and business. Some contracts are simple to understand, but most are complex documents laden with legalese and hidden dangers. Your attorney is used to reviewing complex and convoluted documents and can help you avoid making a costly error. If you’ve drafted a contract on your own or using commercially available software, you may be exposed in ways you are unaware of, or there may be loopholes an unscrupulous person could take advantage of.

If the other party has failed to live up to the contracts terms or defaulted, an attorney can help you rectify the situation and recoup your losses. In some cases, once someone has defaulted, the only way to recoup your investment and reduce your losses is to hire a Utah contract law attorney. From proactively protecting you by drafting a contract that protects your interests to acting on your behalf when someone defaults, a Utah contact attorney can help you with all aspects of personal and business legal documents.

Your Utah Contract Attorney Can:

  • Review a legal contract for loopholes and other issues before you sign it to protect your property, time and investments.
  • Draft a contract for you that protect your business when you provide a product or service or engage an employee or contractor.
  • Review your existing legal documents and make sure everything included is truly of benefit to you and that the contract does not contain any loopholes that could be exploited
  • Review your custody and visitation orders and contracts to protect your access to your children and litigate if necessary to create workable and fair custody and visitation orders.
  • Protect you in the event of a divorce or dissolution of a partnership and ensure that all assets and debts are allocated fairly and correctly.
  • Review your real estate purchase contract prior to your offer or acceptance to be sure that all terms are agreeable to you and in your best interests.
  • Review your existing contracts to make sure all parties are living up to the terms as agreed
  • Enforce an existing contract through litigation if needed if the other party has not lived up to the agreement terms.

 Legal Contracts Attorney Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah contract law is complex and can be confusing, so approaching any legal agreement with representation of your own is the best way to protect your interests and investments. Whether you need to review a document that has been presented to you, prepare an agreement that is designed to protect you or need help navigating the court system with an existing contract, our skilled and knowledgeable Utah contract attorneys can help. Contact us for a free consultation and learn more about what we can do for your specific situation and needs.