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Why do you need a child custody attorney Utah?

If you are like most divorcing parents, one of your greatest concerns is the well-being of your children. A key item of dispute in many divorce proceedings is the issue of child custody. Who will get the children? If you are a divorcing parent, you need an experienced child custody lawyer who will help you maneuver the twists and turns of Utah child custody laws. At Wall & Wall, P.C., we are seasoned family law attorneys who have a great deal of experience in custody matters. Contact our skilled child custody lawyers for a free consultation.

Many people just assume that physical custody will automatically go to the mother. But it is important for everyone concerned that the decision be made not on the basis of tradition, but instead on the best interests of the children. Whether that is joint physical custody, sole physical custody, joint legal custody, sole legal custody, or split custody we have vast experience in child custody law and will help you make the best custody arrangements for your children.

Custody Modifications

Our overarching concern is the best interests of your children. If you feel that seeking a change in custody is the best thing for your children, we will help you petition the court for a custody modification. We have helped countless parents prepare for custody evaluations. If your custody evaluation leads to a child custody battle, we are willing to go the distance with you to fight for what is best for your children.

Focus on Family Law

We focus our practice on family law. Whether you need assistance structuring a joint custody schedule, are concerned about custodial parent rights, need assistance with child support enforcement, or are embarking in an all out custody dispute, the family custody lawyers at Wall & Wall, P.C., can assist you. Contact Us today for a free consultation.

Utah Child Custody Laws Recognize:

  • Sole legal and Sole physical
  • Joint legal and Joint physical
  • Joint Legal and Sole physical
  • Split Custody

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