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Grandparent’s Rights Matter

At Wall and Wall in Salt Lake City, Utah we can help educate you about how to best protect the rights of your grandchildren and at the same time learn how to keep them safe. With the help of your guardianship attorney Utah, you can protect your grandchildren’s future as well as your own. Act now to prepare for legal issues that can jeopardize their well-being and threaten your relationship with them. Complete our contact form for a free consultation to find out how we can help.

How a Family Law Attorney Can Help with My Guardianship Case?

During a divorce parents, children and grandparents who’ve cared for their grandsons and granddaughters are in a state of uncertainty and stress. Grandparents are concerned with their rights to continue to see their grandchildren and spend meaningful time with them. Grandparents can pursue their visitation rights through legal action and prove that they have a vital role in the lives of their grandchildren.

  1. Grandparents can assert their rights for visitation with their grandchildren under certain conditions:
  • A grandparent must be fit to have visitation rights.
  • Visitation unreasonably limited or denied can be changed.
  • When parents are unfit, incompetent or serving jail time, a guardianship may be granted to grandparents.
  • Grandparents who have a substantial grandchild-grandparent relationship, or who serve as a custodian or caregiver, may be eligible for guardianship.
  1. Protect the well-being of your grandchildren and your precious relationship with them through negation or litigation of fair, workable child custody and visitation orders.
  2. Ensure rights are protected in financial matters, including the division of assets and debts.
  3. Does guardianship or adoption make sense? Guardianships and adoption are options that enable such responsible caregivers as grandparents to legally make important decisions affecting the welfare of children.

What Can You Accomplish During Your Free Consultation With a Grandparent Rights Attorney?

Get a no-obligation case review. Each case is different which is why we provide a high level of personal attention rather than a boilerplate attitude. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your situation and learn about your legal rights.

  • Learn the legal details you need to know. Our experienced and responsive grandparent rights attorney will keep you abreast of the legal details you need to know to make important decisions in your life.
  • Learn how to maintain your guardianship/ grandparent rights. At Wall and Wall Attorneys at Law, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. Our consultation is free and our no-obligation case review will familiarize you with the issues involved in maintaining your rights as grandparents.
  • Begin able to assert your financial rights. We assist people throughout the region with a wide range of challenges, including asset distribution, child support and child custody.
  • Engage a legal team that will support you. You’ll always be informed of the challenges and developments as your case progresses. We pride ourselves on our open communications, always advising you of your rights and helping you make key decisions.

At Wall and Wall Attorneys at Law PC in Salt Lake City, Utah we’ll help you assert and protect your legal rights as grandparents and continue your close relationship with your grandchildren. Just fill out our contact form to begin your free consultation.