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Paternity actions are similar to divorce actions with the underlining difference being that the two parties have never been married but have children together. It is very important to have a Paternity decree filed with the court to define the relationship between the parties and their child/children. Below are some possible scenarios that would fit into the category of a paternity action and explanations of why it is important to have a fathers rights attorney Utah draft a formal Paternity Decree with the court.

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Paternity Decree For Suspected Fathers

Scenario #1

In circumstances where a woman has a child and does not identify the father on the birth certificate, if a man believes he may be the father of the child, he has a right to file a paternity action to determine whether he is the father of the child and then subsequently custody, visitation and child support. If you are in this circumstance, contact the Law Office of Wall & Wall so that you interests are protected. 

Paternity Decree For Known Fathers

Scenario #2

A child born out of wedlock and the father is known and possibly co-habitat.  The father may be involved in the process and voluntarily puts his name on the birth certificate and signs a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity. The custody of the child is undetermined. Either parent has an equal right to have custody of the child. This situation warrant a decree of paternity so that both parties and child are protected and establishes order and legal ruling and determination that number one the father is the father of the child and then it also establishes what the custodial arrangement will be, visitation rights, child support, sharing of medical expenses, health insurance, childcare, etc… This decree of paternity avoids confusion, contention, and misunderstanding.

It also deters one parent from just leaving with the child and disappear with the child and refuse to allow the father to have a relationship with the child. 

If you are in need of a decree of paternity, immediately contact our office at Wall & Wall to represent your interests.

Paternity Decree For Ambivalent Fathers

Scenario #3

A child born out of wedlock and father does not know he has a child or ambivalent to the birth – The mother puts his name on the birth certificate. Often the father will learn that he has a child when ORS contacts him because the mother has filed a financial claim for child support. In this case, the attorney general office gets involved and provide the father with notification of the action of the paternity case. First there is an establishment of paternity and the gentlemen will have to submit to paternity testing to determine whether he is in fact the actual biological father of the child. Once paternity is established then a child support order is entered based upon financial income and guidelines. This child support will be retroactive four years back. The father is required in the expenses of the pregnancy and birth of the child along with child support. When these state actions only address financial aspects and do not at all address custody, visitation, tax deductions, etc…

If you are in this circumstance, contact our office at Wall & Wall for assistance – you need an attorney to represent your interests.

Paternity Decree From The Mother

Scenario #4

A mother has a child and is concerned about the relationship the child will have with the father, she needs to come into the Law Office of Wall & Wall to file a paternity action. This Decree of paternity will define custody, visitation and child support. This is in the best interests of your child and yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Paternity

If a guy suspects that he may be the father of a child and doesn’t file or sign a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity within 30 days of the birth of the child, the mother has the right if she chooses to place the child up for adoption without giving any notice to the father. A paternity suit can be filed by a fathers rights attorney in Utah before a child is born to preserve your rights. Call Today!