Utah Adoption Attorney – Utah Surrogacy Attorney

Utah Adoption Attorney - Utah Surrogacy Attorney

The issue of adoption and surrogacy remains one of the most compelling, yet controversy-ridden, aspects of growing your family. For the thousands who want to have a child by means of surrogacy or adoption in Utah, navigating the laws and many challenges can be difficult at best. Fortunately, an experienced, responsive attorney specializing in family law can help you make the move towards growing your family simple, and we encourage you to use our simple contact form to find out more about your case.

Our Utah adoption attorney at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law has been helping families in this time of excitement and confusion for more than 40 years, and we know that you need an advocate for your voice to be heard. We do not want you to face an uphill struggle with adoption or surrogacy on your own, and we will take care of all legal aspects of the work for you. Give us a call today at 801-441-2388 to schedule a free case review.

How Can Our Salt Lake City, Utah Adoption Attorney Help You?

You must be informed to make important decisions in your life, and you need to be aware of the legal issues involved when you and your spouse are considering adoption or surrogacy. We assist people throughout the region with a wide range of challenges, including divorce, asset distribution, alimony, child support, child custody, guardianship, adoption, and surrogacy. Our experienced Utah surrogacy attorney team has successfully helped people with the following, most common adoption and surrogacy concerns.

  • Arranging Surrogacy – Choosing to use a surrogate for a child often centers on the parental couple’s inability to carry a child for medical or other physical reasons. Unfortunately, many people choose to have an unofficial surrogate for their child and never contact an attorney to sort through the issues relating to parental rights or consent of the surrogate. We will ensure your surrogate meets all of your requirements regarding protecting the health of your child and her responsibilities during the course of the pregnancy. We also have assisted couples in locating reputable surrogacy agencies in Utah.
  • Embryo, Sperm, or Ovum Donation – Donating an embryo, sperm, or ovum (the egg) to a couple wanting a child can be one of the greatest gifts to another person. However, this issue of parental rights will come up without a binding, legal contract executed by an attorney.
  • Single-Parent Adoptions and Surrogacy – We can assist single-parents with finding a surrogate and ensuring all requirements are met to adopt a child.
  • Same-Sex Parental Adoptions and Surrogacy – The Supreme Court’s decision regarding same-sex marriage appeals from the 10th Circuit District Court legally enabled same-sex couples to have a child via adoption or surrogacy in Utah. We can ensure that both same-sex parents have equal rights to the child.
  • Birth Certificates – We can help you obtain a legally valid birth certificate and ensure birth orders accurately reflect the child’s parents utilizing surrogacy.

International Adoption Planning and Services

Our legal experts can help plan and achieve international adoptions as well as interstate adoptions. International adoptions are unlike domestic adoptions in that the child must receive U.S. citizenship if the adoptive parents plan to live in the United States. This process often starts with a specialized visa and then automatic citizenship is granted within months of returning to the United States. Each case is different and may require individualized paperwork and processing. Our law firm’s Utah Adoption Attorney specializes in dealing with these processes and are prepared to help with your international adoptions.

Contact our Utah Adoption Attorney to Get Started

Do you have additional questions about Utah adoption? Feel free to get in touch with our experienced SLC Utah adoption attorney at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law. If you have been considering having a child through adoption or surrogacy, you need a Utah adoption attorney dedicated to protecting your rights.

The battle over single-parent and same-sex parental adoption and surrogacy has come to a close, and at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law, we understand you have waited long enough to have the chance to expand your family and the love within your heart.  We’d like to invite you to fill out our simple, online contact form to schedule a free, no obligation case review.  By contacting us, you can discuss your situation and learn about your legal rights for adoption or surrogacy in Utah. Our Utah Adoption Attorney looks forward to helping your family. Give us a call at 801-441-2388.