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What Are Your Legal Rights As A Mother?
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Mothers have certain legal rights when it comes to her children. During a divorce proceeding, it is important for mothers to obtain legal assistance when it comes to child custody, visitation, child support and other legal matters. Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law are experienced in representing mothers in family law issues, and will actively seek a fair enforcement of your rights in order to obtain a favorable result.

Mothers Are No longer Favored… What Does That Mean For Mother’s Rights?

Although the mother has been historically favored by the court system for many years when it comes to custody disputes, the latter half of the 20th century saw a greater shift in the rights of fathers. The courts have begun to decide more cases based on an even playing field, looking at the merits of both parents and their ability to raise the child. They have also begun to favor joint custody, as a way to maintain the presence of the father in the child’s life. Some judges will want to do what they can to preserve the family, even if there is no chance of reconciliation between the two parents. So with the assumption that the mother is always the better choice for custody now gone, she must be able to show that she is a good parent and capable of taking care of the child, especially in a contentious court battle. Wall & Wall, a legal firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, are available to help you with any legal troubles in relation to custody you might be having. We have experience dealing with child custody and other divorce issues.

Why Is It Necessary to Establish Paternity?

Are you an unmarried mother, you might want to collect child support from the father. However, because of the lack of marriage, the only way to get this financial help from the father is through establishing paternity. This means you need to file a court petition. They will then send the alleged father in for a blood test to see if it matches your child. If they are determined to be the biological father, you have proven your legal standing and can request child support. Not only that, you can also ask the court to require him to pay child support, you can also have him be required to pay for medical insurance for the child. If you need the financial assistance, it is in your best interest to establish paternity and compel the father to give it to you through the court system. With our help, we can get this process started for you.

What Can We Help Mothers With During A Utah Divorce:

  • Child custody: If you want to get primary custody of your children, it can be difficult if you were a working professional and the father was the stay at home dad. Courts will usually award the primary caretaker residential custody as opposed to the primary financial provider. Our lawyers will devise a strategy based around your custody goals and help you try to get the outcome you desire.
  • Child support: Utah bases its child support on how many overnight stays a child gets with each parent. This has made it to where some fathers will seek the maximum amount of visitation while simultaneously reducing the amount of child support they are required to pay.
  • Marital property division: Utah considers how long you have been married, age, standard of living and occupation of each spouse to decide how to split the property. This property not only includes assets, but debts as well. An experience lawyer will work hard to make sure your financial interests are not damaged.
  • Spousal support: The courts in Utah order many different types of alimony, including temporary and post-divorce. However, alimony will rarely be paid out at a length of time longer than the actual marriage.
  • Domestic violence: Mother’s rights violations with domestic violence can be a primary reason for divorce and will have an impact on decisions made during the legal proceedings, including child custody and visitation rights. If you feel unsafe during the proceedings, protective orders are available through the court. We are able to help you obtain those if necessary.

Divorce can be a stressful situation. Let the experienced attorney’s at Wall and Wall help you get through the proceedings, and ensure that your mother’s rights are protected today.

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