Effective Legal Advice for Utah Post-Divorce Modifications

Salt Lake City Modifications AttorneyEven if you have already gone through a divorce or thought you had agreed upon a suitable child custody agreement, situations change. A job loss, a change in income, a remarriage, or a move out of state – all are appropriate circumstances for a modification of an earlier settlement.

Our Utah post-divorce modifications attorneys at Wall & Wall, P.C., help clients adjust to changing circumstances. From our Salt Lake City law firm, we represent clients throughout Utah who need legal help to modify the terms of their court orders or decrees  concerning such things as:


Our Family Law Lawyers Make a Difference in Your Life

Sometimes clients come to us after they believe they got an unfair deal because of poor legal guidance by their first divorce lawyer. Others are looking for help in the enforcement of the original terms. No matter when the initial terms were set, they can oftentimes be modified to reflect the current situation.

Our team of attorneys at Wall & Wall, P.C., makes a difference because we have the benefit of over 190 years of legal experience that we can use to help our clients. Because we are a family-owned law firm, we understand the importance of personal attention and in keeping our clients updated on the status of their cases. If the matter ends up in court, we have years of trial experience. We work tirelessly to find the best solution for our clients.

Understanding of Mother’s Rights and Father’s Rights

Our family law lawyers understand the different predicaments mothers and fathers may face. Many men today have given up on getting to see their children. Some believe the court system is slanted in favor of the woman and her parental rights. On the other hand, mothers can be frustrated and pushed to the limit by a lack of financial and parenting support. At Wall & Wall, P.C., our family law attorneys believe that all parents should be given the opportunity to maintain contact with their kids, whether they are male or female, and were legally married or not.

For effective help with Utah post-divorce modifications and child support adjustments, contact our Salt Lake City family law firm today. For access to more information about family law, please read our special question and answer section. Se Habla Español.