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Fathers are an important and essential part of a child’s emotional development and overall well-being.

Experts agree that children are best served when shared parenting occurs and children experience emotional, physical, and financial support of both of their parents.  No matter what the experts say, children want to have both parents involved in their lives.

In divorce proceedings, Utah law requires that both the father and the mother are treated in the same way; many people believe that despite what the law says, there is favoritism toward women in Utah Family Law cases when divorce or decisions related to divorce are decided.

The Law Offices of Wall & Wall will help you create a resolution that results in the fair and equitable enforcement of your rights as a loving father.

Protecting Custody Rights for Fathers in Utah

Your father’s rights continue even after a divorce is settled.

A divorced father has the right to request or contest a modification to a divorce settlement agreement, such as to petition the court for a parental relocation if you get remarried or have to move because of business.  We can help you seek adjustments to spousal support and child support if you lose your job, or if you have been seriously injured, or if you face other circumstances that have negatively affected your income.

Father’s Rights Relating to Paternity Actions and Establishment

Establishing paternity is the first step in protecting your father’s rights.


It is usually fathers who pay child support, so it is important that paternity has been established.  Utah has very strict laws that are required for a father to establish paternityIf a man does not follow these laws, he may lose his ability to assert his rights as a father.  If a father is listed on the birth certificate, or even if a father undergoes a DNA test, he does not automatically achieve legal status as father.  If paternity is contested, a man must go to court and have an Order that declares he is the father, which is accomplished through a Paternity Action, and is also called an Action for Parentage.

If you are interested in learning more about child support and paternity, contact a family attorney at the Attorneys of Wall & Wall for more information.

FAQ About Father’s Rights in Utah

Unmarried fathers have to take action to ensure that their rights are acknowledged by establishing paternity; which often includes DNA testing or signing a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity. If a child is born in marriage but is believed to be fathered through an affair, the situation can get complicated. The husband will usually be assumed to be the father, but the biological father can assert his parental rights as well.

Asserting parental rights after the birth certificate is issued, especially if the listed father is presumed to be the husband, can give the biological father rights as well. In some cases, a judge can order that the biological father’s name be added to the birth certificate and, before the child is six years old, the child’s last name may be ordered changed on the birth certificate as well.

One important right is the right to ask for genetic testing to determine if he is indeed the father. This is only available after birth. Otherwise, the father has the right to share custody, parenting, and decisionmaking concerning the newborn child. When you are concerned and asking yourself “is there a fathers rights attorney near me?” It’s time to contact us.

Father’s rights allow the man to provide support for his child including emotional, financial and physical care. They allow the man to serve as an equal parent in the child’s life and share parenting responsibilities with the child’s mother. Without father’s rights, the man’s role in the child’s life may be a matter of the mother’s choice.

In Utah, paternity unlocks a set of rights and responsibilities for the father which are established by law. These rights can help the father handle difficult situations such as parenting rights, making decisions in the child’s life, even moving out of state. Consult our best father’s rights attorney in SLC to examine your situation.

Signing a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity or petitioning the court will establish paternity in Utah. As our fathers rights attorney in Utah will explain, DNA testing can provide proof of paternity.

Yes, and it gives the child and mother rights as well. The father will gain the right to be involved in the child’s life and provide for the child. Our Utah Fathers rights lawyer has extensive experience in considering what these rights and responsibilities mean to you.

In order to gain rights as a father and to provide certain legal rights to the child, a man can sign an acknowledgment of paternity, known as a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity in Utah. Our SLC fathers rights lawyers can guide you through this important decision, which may provide rights to the mother.

Utah law, in addressing spousal support or alimony, addresses the roles of paying and receiving spouses neutrally. Our Utah father’s rights lawyer can help you understand the practical issues involved.

Just as the father can receive spousal support or alimony if he is the custodial parent he may be entitled to child support from the other parent as well.

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