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Signs of Divorce - Award Winning Utah Divorce AttorneysGoing through a Divorce can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. The mixture of emotions, from sadness to confusion to anger, can take its toll. We understand how hard it is to share your most intimate family and financial details with a Utah Divorce Lawyer you just met. Our Salt Lake City Utah Divorce Attorney understand how difficult this period of time can be. We want you to be completely comfortable with us. We are a family-owned law firm and believe in being sensitive to your needs during these trying times. At Wall & Wall, P.C.,  we offer emotional support, compassion, and most importantly, excellent legal advice to clients when they need it most.

Whether you are seeking a legal separation, paternity claim or a Divorce Settlement, our family law attorneys will guide you through this emotional process one step at a time. We are equipped to calmly negotiate an amicable settlement or aggressively battle all the way to trial. The father and son attorneys at our law office have more than 190 years of combined legal experience and are ready to counsel clients on issues such as:

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Utah Divorce Attorney for High-End Divorces

There are additional factors to consider in marriage dissolutions where there are sizable assets involved. We can help if there are family businesses, boats, vacation homes, or rretirement/pension accounts that need to be valued and fairly distributed. At Wall & Wall, P.C., we have extensive experience in handling high-end divorces, both contested and uncontested. And even though mediation is mandatory in Utah divorce cases, it is advisable that we are there by your side to make sure your rights and needs are fully represented.

Father’s Rights

Our Utah divorce attorneys are familiar with the plight of some fathers when it comes to protecting their rights in a divorce. At times, decisions can be made which do not fully recognize the rights of a father to be a part of his child’s upbringing. The family law lawyers at Wall & Wall, P.C. will work with our clients to make sure they are treated fairly and afforded the equal protection of the law.

Divorce Consultation Services

You do not have to hire us to handle your divorce to benefit from our extensive family law experience. If you want to do your divorce yourself, you can contact us for a consultation. Our award-winning Utah divorce attorneys will provide you with pointers, key information to avoid common pitfalls, and important advice about the legal ramifications of your decisions. We have your best interests in mind and offer this type of helpful consultation at a very reasonable hourly rate.

We Can Make a Difference in Your Divorce Case

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If you also need legal representation negotiating child visitation and custody arrangements or need to make modifications to your earlier divorce decree, contact our Utah divorce lawyers today for a free consultation. Our divorce attorneys also have experience in father’s rights cases, and will make sure that the paternal rights are represented fairly in all divorces. Check out our resources on frequently asked questions about family law too.

Divorce Stress

Divorce can be stressful.  We care about you and your family’s emotional well being.  Be sure to read our article about Divorce Stress

Divorce Questionnaire

If you would like to have one of our experienced attorneys represent you please complete the following Divorce/Paternity Questionnaire Word Document or to download the form in PDF format click the following Divorce/Paternity Questionnaire PDF File.

What to expect during the course of a Utah Divorce Proceeding

To anticipate what to expect in the State of Utah for a Divorce either contested or uncontested with our office please click on the following link: Divorce Instructions (Word Document)

Divorce Education Mandatory Course Information

You will be required to attend a divorce education course. The specific instructions and calendar for the course are on the following link. Divorce Course Instructions It is important that you read the instructions because a divorce will not be granted in the state of Utah without both parties fulfilling these requirements.

Your Financial Declaration

You will be required to complete a Financial Declaration 3rd District (Excel).  We have set this document up for our clients in an excel format to assist you with the totaling of the figures.  Please print out this document to submit to our office.

Documents to obtain for your divorce

Divorce Lawyers - Divorce Attorney near Murray, UtahThere are several other documents that you will be required to produce.  See the Disclosure Checklist Form (Word Document) to review the documents that you need to gather together and bring to our office.

Utah Visitation Schedule

One of the most frequent questions that our clients have is regarding their NEW Visitation Schedule that they can expect with their children.  We compiled the following documents for you of the Utah Statutory Visitation Schedule.

Divorce Mediation

If you are getting reading for a divorce mediation.  We recommend reading the following handout.  Divorce Mediation Program Handout (Word Document)

Top Divorce Do’s and Don’ts

You may want to review our recommended Top Divorce Do’s and Don’ts

Speak with an Award-Winning Utah Divorce Attorney Near Salt Lake City Before You File for Divorce. Contact Wall and Wall Attorneys at Law and Schedule a Divorce Case Review