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Lawyers in discussionFamily matters including divorce pose significant financial and emotional challenges. In such a scenario, finding a family law attorney that will strive towards getting genuine solutions while remaining mindful of the stress such a case poses to the entire family is hard. Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law is a Cottonwood Heights Utah divorce and family law attorney is dedicated to providing their clients with quality legal services. Having successfully handled thousands of family-related cases, we understand that every case is unique. We, therefore, tailor our services based on individual needs. With several decades of experience, our Utah divorce attorneys will guide you through the process and advise you on what to expect, the different types of divorces, and the impact that each might have on you and your family’s future.

What Family Law Issues Does Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law Deal With?

Family issues, especially when they end up in court bring in additional and unexpected costs, uncertainty, and stress. We aim to have the case resolved by negotiation guided by the relevant family laws in Utah. We can handle such family cases as:-

How Else Can Our Cottonwood Heights, Utah Divorce Attorneys Help?

We Will Ease the Divorce Process

Being trusted divorce attorneys in Cottonwood Heights, we first strive to take a mediation approach on your divorce case. We strive towards finding an amicable solution by explaining the process to both parties and offering them options. Our family law attorney is aware of the complex divorce scenarios high-income spouses present, and the complexities that come up with the distribution of their assets. We work towards achieving a cooperative divorce in such a case so that their business and assets are protected. Should these family matters still go to trial, rest assured that your interests will be protected.

We Work with Other Experts

Your Cottonwood Heights Utah divorce and family law attorney will work along with experts such as real estate evaluators, personal property appraisers, custody evaluators, and forensic accountants to get a clear picture of where you stand. An accurate picture of your marital estate will help us work towards a better divorce settlement.

We Will Help You with Child Custody

Child custody is one of the major concerns divorcing spouses have in mind. You should engage a family attorney that will aggressively and diligently work towards the best result. By dealing with a competent divorce attorney in Cottonwood Heights, your custody rights will be protected along with any parenting time agreements that consider each spouse’s weaknesses and strengths.

Quality Representation and Compassion

Family law is not just about the divorcing persons and their differences. From separation to child adoption, this legal field involves the people that are close to you. This implies that family law has challenges and complications that are uncommon in other legal fields. A lot is at stake either emotionally and financially, with emotions running high as the outcome of a family case has serious consequences.

Our team at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law has worked on a variety of cases. We fuse this experience and knowledge with a hands-on approach to better represent you. We work hand-in-hand with the client to navigate towards a mutually satisfying solution for their specific circumstances. This is a difficult time in your life, and you need a family law attorney that is not just there to deal with the case, but one that will show compassion as well. Whether you come to us with something as simple as a name change or a complex case such as a divorce, we provide you with expert guidance, empathy, and professional representation.

Free Consultation with Cottonwood Heights, Utah Family Law Attorneys at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law

Are you facing a serious family problem? Family issues, no matter how small require decisive and deliberate action. Contact Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law today by calling 801-441-2388, and we will help you explore the various options that will bring about a favorable outcome. We are aware of the financial strain any case creates. Consequently, we offer 30 minutes free consultation with no-obligation case reviews. We speak in both English and Spanish and can provide interpreters for other languages if you notify us in advance. There is a special package for persons that have served in the military.

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