Divorce and Health and Lifestyle

Staying healthy through a divorce is key!

Divorce and Health

Divorce in and of itself is considered one of life’s most stressful events, and it often leads to some aspect of depression. This source of chronic stress causes both mental and physical health consequences as a result of the prolonged stressful conditions and frequency of negative life events. Not only is the entire emotional situation overwhelming but to suddenly be in the middle of a foreign legal arena is often the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It is important throughout the entire divorce process to be aware of your physical and mental health and understand what effects the divorce is taking.

The July 2006 Social Science & Medicine issue explained that the physical health of divorced mothers is less than that of married mothers. They attribute this difference to the amount of stress that a single parent has to experience as they solely take on the burden of breadwinner and greater child rearing tasks. On top of having more responsibility in the home, entering the legal arena adds greater stress and time constraints. You are now required to navigate a whole new world and interact with many different sets and groups of people that become involved in the process. These people include: attorneys, paralegals, judges, court clerks, mediators, guardians ad litem, child protective services, or Office of Recovery Services just to name a handful. This is particularly difficult in cases where divorces are contested and controversial.

Divorce and Drug / Alcohol Abuse

Avoiding harmful substances is crucial for your divorce and health!

Divorce mingled with illegal stimulants it not a good combination. During a divorce, it is important to cling to a healthy lifestyle and surround oneself with good things. It is not a time to embrace new habits. Embracing destructive habits, such as drug and alcohol abuse, brings additional lifestyle changes that can be really harmful during a vulnerable time. If an individual turns to an unhealthy social system that choice or exposure will in turn adversely affect the divorce and children. In many of these situations, individuals eventually lose their jobs, homes, parental rights, and mental health. In fact, if drug and alcohol abuse begins before a divorce is finalized, an individual may not receive parental time or other rights at all. Within families, there is a correlation of drug and alcohol abuse with violence, emotional abuse and suicide. The courts know this and will ensure the safety of the children above all else, so avoid destructive behaviors that will negatively effect your children, your divorce and health.

Divorce and your Social Network

A strong social network will help you stay healthy and survive after a divorce.

Your social system is very influential in the health and outcome of your divorce. An individual’s extended family and friends can help financially to retain an attorney and emotionally by encouraging them throughout the process. In a patriarchal marriage, the husband often, even unknowingly, may have isolated the wife to the point that she has very few friends, no education, distant family, and no work or financial resources to rely on. In these circumstances, it can be difficult for the wife to maintain a healthy lifestyle during and after a divorce. In a situation opposite from that where a wife can tap into family and friends for encouragement or temporary financial assistance or perhaps already has a college education the outcome may be drastically different. If you are a husband or wife facing a divorce, it is important to cultivate strong relationships to support you and ensure that you have a healthy divorce.

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