Well-Grounded Protective Order Attorney Utah

Protective Order Attorney Utah - Domestic Violence Help UtahWhether you wish to contest a restraining order, protective order or you need help getting a restraining order placed on a spouse or former boyfriend / girlfriend, protective order attorney has the experience that can make a difference. At Wall & Wall, P.C., our domestic violence lawyers in Utah can represent your perspective and see that you and your rights are protected.

Since our family-owned Salt Lake City law office was established in 1973, we have been dedicated to helping clients on both sides of domestic issues resolve their matters as civilly as possible.

Domestic Violence Help for Those Seeking Protective Orders

When a male or female client comes to us seeking a protective order or temporary restraining order against a partner or spouse, often it is after they have filed for divorce and have suffered physical or mental abuse. If a protective order has been violated, we can assist the proper authorities in the enforcement of the protective order.

We Provide a Vigorous Defense for Those who have been Served with a Protective Order

When served with a Protective Order, you need to immediately obtain legal representation to assist you in defending your best interests.  Never go to court for a protective order without an attorney.  We have been successful in many instances in having protective orders dismissed.  On many occasions protective order proceedings are inappropriately filed for the sole purpose of obtaining immediate custody of children even where there has been no incident of domestic abuse or violence.  The negative consequence of the granting of a protective order include severe limitations on access to your children and visitation as well as access to your property.  It is imperative in this situation to immediately obtain legal counsel.  Our protective order attorney is very experienced in representing clients with these types of issues.

What Can Protective Orders in Utah Do:

  • Order the offender to stay away from the petitioner and the petitioners family and property.
  • Order the offender not to harm the petitioner.
  • Order temporary custody and support of children to the petitioner.
  • Order an offender not to possess any weapons.

Assistance for Clients Challenging Allegations of Domestic Violence

Our domestic violence attorneys also represent clients who are challenging the validity of a restraining order placed on them. In cases where emergency restraining orders or protective orders have been used as leverage to get custody of the children, we will make sure that the judge hears both sides of the issue in order to make a fair ruling. Our experience with mother’s rights and father’s rights issues helps guarantee that both parties get their point-of-view heard and acknowledged by our protective order attorney Utah.


What is a protective order attorney in Utah?

A protective order attorney in Utah is a specialized legal professional who has expertise in handling cases related to protective orders. These attorneys guide clients through the process, deal with legal documentation, and provide representation in court to ensure their rights and interests are advocated for.

How can a protective order attorney help in Utah?

A protective order attorney can provide invaluable assistance in Utah by offering legal counsel, helping clients understand their obligations, and guiding them through the complex legal process. This includes drafting and filing the necessary paperwork, representing the client in court, and offering case evaluation to devise a strong defense strategy.

What is the process of getting a protective order in Utah?

Obtaining a protective order in Utah involves several steps. First, a petition must be filed in a district court. Once the court reviews and approves the petition, a temporary protective order may be issued. A hearing is then scheduled, and if the court determines there is a threat of harm, a final protective order is issued.

What are the requirements for obtaining a protective order in Utah?

In Utah, a protective order can be obtained if the petitioner can demonstrate that they are in danger of domestic abuse, stalking, or sexual violence. The petitioner must be at least 16 years old or have a legal representative if they are younger. They must also have a close relationship to the respondent, such as being related, living together, or having a child in common.

How long does a protective order last in Utah?

In Utah, a final protective order is permanent unless dismissed by the court. However, it can be modified, dismissed, or extended as per the circumstances of the case. Temporary protective orders typically last until the court hearing for the final protective order.

Can a protective order attorney in Utah help with modifications or extensions of protective orders?

Yes, a protective order attorney in Utah can assist with modifications or extensions. If circumstances change, such as an increase in threat level, your attorney can request the court to modify or extend the protective order.

What are the consequences for violating a protective order in Utah?

In Utah, violation of a protective order is considered a crime and can lead to substantial legal penalties, including jail time, fines, and mandatory participation in treatment programs or community service.

Are there any alternatives to obtaining a protective order in Utah?

Yes, alternatives include filing a criminal complaint, seeking a stalking injunction, or pursuing a civil lawsuit for damages. A trusted Utah attorney can help guide you through the best course of action based on your specific circumstances.

How can I find a reliable protective order attorney in Utah?

Seek referrals, check online listings, read client reviews, or contact your local bar association. Schedule consultations with potential attorneys to discuss your case and evaluate their expertise.

What are the costs associated with hiring a protective order attorney in Utah?

The costs can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the case and the attorney’s experience. It’s best to discuss fees and payment arrangements during the initial consultation. Some attorneys may offer flexible payment options or sliding scale fees.

Can a protective order attorney in Utah help with defending against false accusations?

Yes, a defense attorney specializing in protective orders can represent you if you are falsely accused. They can gather evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and present a strong defense in court.

Do I need an attorney to file for a protective order in Utah?

While not mandatory, having an attorney can significantly benefit your case. The legal process is complex, and a seasoned attorney can ensure accuracy, completeness, and compliance with legal requirements.

Are there any time limitations for filing for a protective order in Utah?

No, there are no specific time limitations to file for a protective order in Utah. However, it should be filed as soon as possible if you believe you are in immediate danger.

Can a protective order attorney in Utah assist with gathering evidence for a protective order case?

Yes, an attorney can aid in evidence gathering by identifying relevant pieces of proof, collecting documentation, and organizing this evidence for your case.

What should I do if I believe a protective order has been wrongly filed against me in Utah?

If you believe a protective order was wrongly filed against you in salt lake county, Utah contact a defense attorney immediately. They can help dispute the order, represent you in court, and work to protect your rights.

Facts About Protective Order Attorney Utah

  • A protective order attorney in Utah specializes in helping individuals obtain and defend against protective orders.
  • Protective orders, also known as restraining orders, are legal orders issued by a court to protect individuals from harm or harassment.
  • Protective orders can be obtained in cases of domestic violence, stalking, harassment, or other forms of abuse.
  • A protective order attorney can guide clients through the process of obtaining a protective order, including filing the necessary paperwork and representing them in court.
  • They can also assist clients in defending against false or unjustified protective orders.
  • Protective order attorneys in Utah have a deep understanding of the state’s laws and regulations regarding protective orders.
  • They can provide legal advice and representation to individuals seeking to establish or modify a protective order.
  • It is important to consult with a protective order attorney in Utah if you are facing a situation that requires legal protection or if you need assistance in defending against a protective order.