Well-Grounded Protective Order Attorney Utah

Protective Order Attorney Utah - Domestic Violence Help UtahWhether you wish to contest a restraining order, protective order or you need help getting a restraining order placed on a spouse or former boyfriend / girlfriend, protective order attorney has the experience that can make a difference. At Wall & Wall, P.C., our domestic violence lawyers in Utah can represent your perspective and see that you and your rights are protected.

Since our family-owned Salt Lake City law office was established in 1973, we have been dedicated to helping clients on both sides of domestic issues resolve their matters as civilly as possible.

Domestic Violence Help for Those Seeking Protective Orders

When a male or female client comes to us seeking a protective order or temporary restraining order against a partner or spouse, often it is after they have filed for divorce and have suffered physical or mental abuse. If a protective order has been violated, we can assist the proper authorities in the enforcement of the protective order.

We Provide a Vigorous Defense for Those who have been Served with a Protective Order

When served with a Protective Order, you need to immediately obtain legal representation to assist you in defending your best interests.  Never go to court for a protective order without an attorney.  We have been successful in many instances in having protective orders dismissed.  On many occasions protective order proceedings are inappropriately filed for the sole purpose of obtaining immediate custody of children even where there has been no incident of domestic abuse or violence.  The negative consequence of the granting of a protective order include severe limitations on access to your children and visitation as well as access to your property.  It is imperative in this situation to immediately obtain legal counsel.  Our protective order attorney is very experienced in representing clients with these types of issues.

What Can Protective Orders in Utah Do:

  • Order the offender to stay away from the petitioner and the petitioners family and property.
  • Order the offender not to harm the petitioner.
  • Order temporary custody and support of children to the petitioner.
  • Order an offender not to possess any weapons.

Assistance for Clients Challenging Allegations of Domestic Violence

Our domestic violence attorneys also represent clients who are challenging the validity of a restraining order placed on them. In cases where emergency restraining orders or protective orders have been used as leverage to get custody of the children, we will make sure that the judge hears both sides of the issue in order to make a fair ruling. Our experience with mother’s rights and father’s rights issues helps guarantee that both parties get their point-of-view heard and acknowledged by our protective order attorney Utah.