Ease Child Custody with Shared Calendar Software

One of the toughest aspects of participating in shared custody during and after a divorce is keeping track of dates and times to be sure each parent fulfills their custody responsibilities and maximizes their time with the children. Setting up a child custody calendar using a website or software which both parents can access helps to eliminate misunderstanding and enable successful custody transfers. You can find many different free child custody calendar options online and through the Google Play and iOS app stores and use this guide to choose the best option for your family’s situation.

1. Maintain Simple Scheduling with Google Calendar

When you and your former partner have Android devices or easy access to Google through personal computers, Google Calendar may be your best option for your parenting plan calendar. You can manage your Google Calendar in several ways. First, you could create a new joint Google account with your co-parent, enabling you both to log in and share ownership. Second, you could use an existing Google account, using one to host the shared calendar while inviting other Google accounts to share in the calendar’s management. This may be an attractive option if you would also like to share your calendar with additional people, like grandparents, who also share in custody functions.

2. Access Comprehensive Features with Our Family Wizard

When you are working to successfully co-parent, including managing many facets like your Utah child custody holiday calendar and shared weekends, you may need access to more comprehensive features. The Our Family Wizard app gives you all of the same shared child custody calendar features as Google calendar, then adds on functionality to share expenses, manage and save communication and help remove contention from your interactions. You can access the OFW app on Android, Apple, Kindle, Blackberry or online. Our Family Wizard does charge a yearly fee per parent but enables a free 30-day trial so you can determine first if it’s the best option for you.

3. Manage Two Houses with the 2Houses App

While you’re determining how to make a child custody calendar that best suits your needs, another app solution you can investigate is 2Houses. This app works similarly to Our Family Wizard but offers lower pricing (about the same cost per year split between both parents instead of being charged for each parent) and application features that are nearly robust. You can share access not only with your co-parent but also other adults involved in raising your children. If you have children with multiple other co-parents, you can manage all of your interactions with just one account. 2Houses is available both online and through Android and Apple apps and allows a 14-day free trial to help you try out all the functions before committing.

Maintaining Clear and Open Communication

Ultimately, managing your shared child custody will largely depend on maintaining clear and open communication at all times. Using one of these child custody calendars will help make scheduling much easier and enable you to maintain the provisions of your court order without arguments or misunderstandings. For more assistance as you navigate child custody, contact us at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law in SLC, Utah to schedule a free consultation.

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For more assistance as you navigate child custody, contact us at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law in SLC, Utah to schedule a free consultation.

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