Checklist for Writing a Parenting Plan

If you have children and are going through a divorce, then writing a Parenting Plan for how you and your spouse will handle childcare issues is one of the most important things you can do right now. A written-out, agreed-upon parenting plan will improve communication and avoid a lot of conflicts down the road, and it will help give your children greater consistency and stability.

How to Write a Parenting Plan

When writing a parenting plan, you should include the following elements:


You need to work out a parenting agreement that determines if one parent will be the children’s primary caregiver, or if both parents will share the duties. You also need to work out if one or both parents will seek legal custody.

Regular Child Visitation Schedule

If you have chosen a shared child custody agreement, then you need to work out a schedule for visitations. Which days, weeks, or months will each parent have custody of the children? It is important to agree on co-parenting schedules, but you should write the agreement with a little wiggle room for you both, to accommodate the unexpected.

Special Occasion Visitation Schedule

You will also have to decide on who the children will share holidays and other special occasions with. These include things like birthdays, graduations. You might decide to change holidays yearly or have the children always spend the same holidays with the same parent.


You need to decide whether your children will be attending daycare, if appropriate, and also if they will be going to public or private schools.


Being single parents means that childcare will be more difficult in the future. Before problems arise, you should agree on child care providers who both parents trust.

Health Insurance

You should also make provisions for your children’s healthcare coverage. Whose plan will cover the children? You should also work out an agreement for sharing premiums and copays.

College Savings

Details of who is responsible for what part of your children’s college savings is also important. You should also work out how much money each parent is supposed to contribute to the savings plan, and how often.

Medical Decisions

Matters like using prescription medications, mental health care, and even cosmetic procedures should be included in the parenting plan. This may also include issues like diet and exercise.


A Parenting Plan may need to include information on communicate between parents and children. If the visitation rights of one parent are restricted, or if supervision during visits is required, then communication may have to be limited.

Extended Family Relationships

You may also want to include how relationships with the extended family on each side will be carried out. When will visits to grandparents, aunts, uncles and so forth be expected?

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