What should we do with marriage mementos? When we tie the knot, we believe it lifetime journey. Sadly, some marriages end sooner than anticipated while others continue to thrive. Emotional confusion enables us to somehow pull through from all the chaos involved in the divorce process. Moving on after divorce involves physical and emotional aspects. The process may be painful at first depending on the reasons for our break up. However, every divorce is unique and should be treated as such. We tend to be tender of our exes but finally, we move on with our lives. After walking away emotionally, what remains are the physical mementos that are either kept or gotten rid of. Nonetheless, our children also have a say in the decisions we make regarding marriage mementos. We have gathered some ideas to try whenever faced with tough decisions on what to do with items when your marriage heads south.


Donating is a perfect method to get rid of items remaining from a broken marriage. As long as no names are engraved on wedding items, you give them out to a local thrift shop instead of throwing them in the trash bins. The best shops to donate to are the non-profit outfits to assist them with their worthy course.


Whenever children are involved, you must consider them before getting rid of our mementos. A part of their effective healing process may come from the constant reminder that their parents were, at some point, happily married. Therefore, you should not be quick to throw away our wedding photos albums and other items that hold family sentimental values. Instead, box them up and put them out of your way. They can get referenced whenever required. You can also keep the dress to become a constant reminder that happiness is not a myth. The dress can also be kept if it is a family heirloom won by other happy brides in the family.


You can make something out of breakup through reselling some of the items rather than throwing them away. Cash in the white dress for a few green bucks to help rebuild your life from the divorce. If reselling is not a viable option, some women turn their dress into a lucrative venture. The dress can get displayed in rental shops where the owner gets a commission every time the dress is leased out.

The mementos can be sold at:

  • eBay
  • Consignment shops
  • Antique dealer shops


Your memories and your past should not dictate the future. Therefore, if any item has no sentimental value, throw it away. However, when making such sensitive decisions, involve your children to ensure that you don’t compromise their happiness while trying to regain yours. Past events and relationships prepare us for the future regardless of how things ended. They are also excellent glances down memory lane for our children. The big question that you must ask yourself is, do you want our children to know your past relationships and why things ended the way they did?

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