Representing Yourself in a Child Visitation Case with Help from a Utah Divorce Attorney

We Help You Reduce Costs with Our Do-It-Yourself Attorney Assistance Program            

child-visitation-attorney-utahAt Wall & Wall, P.C., we understand that divorces can be expensive, and that not everyone can pay a traditional divorce attorney retainer. However, we also understand that because visitations have long-lasting effects on both your child and your relationship with your child, it is vital that you have an attorney on your side. Because of this, we developed our Do-It-Yourself Attorney Assistance Program to ensure that you can obtain professional help despite the usual costs of a divorce.

Our DIY Attorney Assistance Program operates on a “pay as you go” service: you can pay for one appointment at a time so that it is not necessary for you to pay in full for a traditional attorney. In return, we answer your questions, help prepare documents, and teach you how to represent yourself in court.

If you are in need of further assistance after your first appointment, you can continue to schedule consultations via our DIY Divorce Assistance Program or turn your case over to us for full-service divorce representation.

We Can Help You Develop Strategies for Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Navigating child custody and visitation rights are often emotionally draining for parents and may even be the most difficult part of finalizing your divorce. It may be difficult for you to reach an agreement with your former partner about where your child will live, who should have custody of your child, and whether the noncustodial parent has visitation rights. You may be worried about your child’s safety and want to do the best you can to prevent child abuse during visitations. You may be thinking of withholding visitations – or may even be on the opposite end, fighting for the right to see your child.

Because of all the issues that come up during divorce (especially concerning children), we understand that you need an attorney who specializes in family law for guidance. We can strategize with you during your DIY Attorney Assistance appointment about topics that include the following:

  • Joint vs. sole custody
  • Legal vs. physical custody
  • Mediation Preparation/ Attendance
  • Paternity Actions
  • Preventing child abuse during visitations
  • Supervised visitations
  • Unmarried child custody
  • Visitation schedules

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