Flat Rate Divorce FAQ

Wall Legal Flat Rate Divorce - FAQ About Flat Rate Divorce in Utah - Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law PCDivorce can be a highly emotional time that is often difficult for all the parties involved. At Wall & Wall Legal Solutions, we understand this and our experienced divorce lawyers will work with you to find the smoothest path to resolution for everyone involved. As a family-owned, community focused firm we are dedicated to representing the interests of our clients.

One option that we may recommend for some clients is Flat Rate Divorce, also known as Uncontested Divorce. This can be one of the quickest, easiest ways for Utah residents to achieve the legal separation they are looking for. This option can cost as little as $1,000 for all legal services and paperwork filing, and won’t require you to spend countless hours in a courtroom, or incur additional, unexpected legal fees.

FAQ About Flat Rate Divorce in Utah

Check out the following Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to Flat Rate Divorces to learn more. If you still have questions regarding your particular situation, the professionals at Wall Legal Solutions can help!

What is Flat Rate Divorce?

  • A Flat Rate Divorce is an easy, affordable way for partners who have agreed to split to do so without having to worry about hidden fees or unexpected legal costs. In a flat rate divorce, you pay a set fee to have your lawyer handle your uncontested divorce.

Can I Get a Flat Rate Divorce?

  • Many uncontested divorces can be quickly and easily handled under our Flat Rate Divorce service. If you want to know whether or not your situation is suitable, call us today to speak to a member of the Wall Legal Solutions team.

Do I Need To Make a Court Appearance in a Flat Rate Divorce?

  • While a court appearance may be required under some circumstances, many flat rate divorces can be concluded without the need for you to attend a hearing.

How Long Will a Flat Rate Divorce Take?

  • Utah imposes a minimum 90 day waiting period from divorce filing to finalization. A Flat Rate Divorce will rarely last much longer than this time frame thanks to the efficiency of our process.

What Documents Will I Need For a Flat Rate Divorce?

  • In order to expedite the process, you can bring the documents from our Disclosure Checklist Form to your initial consultation. This will help us to take care of all of your needs during this first meeting.

What If I Don’t Have The Documents I Need For a Flat Rate Divorce?

  • If you are unsure if you have all the documentation you need to accurately cover your property and assets, then a Flat Rate Divorce may not be appropriate for you. If you want to discuss your individual situation and find out if it is right for you then call a member of our team today for quick, confidential advice.

Can I Get Child Support or Other Settlements in a Flat Rate Divorce?

  • Yes, any settlement can be a part of a Flat Rate Divorce, as long as it is previously agreed to by both parties.

What If My Spouse And I Cannot Agree On A Settlement?

  • If you need this kind of agreement negotiated by a lawyer, then you may not qualify for a Flat Rate Divorce, but always call if you are unsure.

Can I Hire You For Advice but Represent Myself?

  • Yes. We understand how personal the divorce process can be, and will do our best to work with you in whatever way makes you most comfortable.

Are Attorney and Filing Fees Included in The Flat Rate?

  • All routine fees are included in our flat rate.

What Is Not Included in The Flat Rate?

  • As long as your case continues as a flat rate divorce, there will be no additional fees. If additional transfer documentation or settlement negotiation is required, it may be conducted under a separate agreement.

Flat Rate Divorce Solutions from Wall & Wall

If you have any other questions about Flat Rate Divorce in Utah we want to help. Contact us online, or call Wall Legal Solutions today on 801-441-2388 for a free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our legal team. Even if a Flat Rate Divorce is not what you need we have experts who can help you with any branch of family law, personal injury and criminal defense.

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