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  1. Law Terms Definition - Glossary of Legal Terms - Legal Terminology

    Legal Terminology – Common Terms Used in Utah Divorce Cases

    Going through a divorce is a daunting process. It’s confusing enough without struggling to figure out what the documentation and courtroom interactions mean because you…

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  2. Call the Experts to Explore Your Alternatives to Divorce

    Alternatives to Divorce in Utah

    Each marriage is different from any other. The two married people have their unique personalities, experiences, and reasons for deciding that they want to end…

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  3. Call the Top Divorce & Family Law Attorney for Men

    Common Divorce Mistakes Men Make

    A staggering 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. will end in divorce, and in over 70 percent of cases, women file for…

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  4. Contact The Top Parenting Time Lawyer in Utah

    Utah Parent-Time for Children’s Age Groups

    The Utah parent-time schedule is a comprehensive arrangement for schedule for parent-time during even and odd years. The various versions of the schedule are customized…

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  5. Call the Top Spousal Support Attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah for Alimony Payments & Alimony Modification

    Alimony/Spousal Support Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah