How to Update Your Name After a Divorce in Utah  

Judge Signing Paperwork - How to Update Your Name After a Divorce in UtahAs an adult, you are eligible to change your name and use any other than your current one as long as you do not intend to commit a crime and therefore infringe on the rights of others. To do so, you need to get a court order indicating that your name has changed legally. Legal documents such as a court order or marriage certificate are necessary for proving to the outside world, particularly public agencies and institutions that your name has changed.

Other than marriage, you can also change your name because of divorce, change of sex or gender, or just because you want a different name. In this case, we are looking at how to change your name back after divorce in Utah.

It is good to note that the information provided does not substitute legal advice. While it isn’t a requirement to hire an attorney for name change, legal matters can become complicated. It is therefore advisable to consult with an experienced attorney. In Utah, lawyers at the Wall & Wall Attorneys At Law are your best bet for having the specific name change legal advice you need.

Name Change Because of Divorce

In Utah, it’s easier to get your former name restored during your divorce procedure than after the divorce decree has been finalized. To take advantage of the situation, just ask the judge presiding over your divorce to make a formal order to restore your former or birth name. The decree will indicate clearly your married name as well as that which you intend to change to after the divorce. If the divorce finalizes and the decree includes the court order, it is the only order you will be required to produce when changing your other identification records.

However, if your divorce has already finalized and you did not request to change your marriage name as part of the divorce case, you will need to file a Petition for Name Change with the Court. Here you can download the form you need to fill out.

There is a fee required for the name change petition as well as for a certified copy of the final court order, but if you can’t afford it you may request the judge for a waiver. You need not notify anyone, even your ex-partner, about your name change request unless the judge asks you to do so.

Once you get the court order, you can now proceed to change your Identification and Records.

Changing Identification and Records

Your new name needs to be replicated in all your identification documents and records before you start identifying yourself with it. Start by looking for a new State Identification Card, driver’s license or Social Security Card. Once you get the Social Security card and either a driver’s license or State I.D card, then you can proceed to let other parties know about your new name.

Here is how to change these documents and records;

Driver’s License or State I.D.

To change your driver’s license name or Utah I.D. card, you will be required to personally present the following documents:

  • Your current driver’s license,
  • Social Security card,
  • or an active U.S. passport
  • Proof of name change such as a divorce decree, name change order, or a marriage certificate.

You will need to bring these to your local Utah Department of Public Safety Driver License Division office.

Social Security Card

To go about changing your name on the Social Security card, you will need to bring the following documents to your local SSA office:

  • Complete an SS-5 form.
  • Certified copies of your divorce certificate or court order.
  • U.S. birth certificate, U.S. citizenship certificate, or a work authorization letter and 1-94.

You can also opt to mail the documents to your local SSA office and wait to receive your new social security card by mail.

Changing Your Birth Certificate

With your name change court order, you can also change your birth certificate’s name if you want. Just contact or visit the Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics, pay the fee, present a certified copy of the court’s name change order, and also give some valid picture identification.

You can also make the amendment request through mail though the process may be delayed as a notarized signature needs to be returned to the office before the new certificate can be given.

Update Legal Documents

You can also update other legal documents like your power of attorney, will and trust, as well as the advance health care directive to reflect your new name.

Other Parties to Notify

Contacting these people and institutions about your name change will also be important;

  • Family & Friends
  • Employers
  • School
  • Post Office
  • Library
  • Health care providers
  • Landlord or tenants
  • Mortgage companies
  • Telephone and other utility companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Creditors and debtors
  • State and local taxing authorities
  • Registrar of voters
  • Public benefits agencies
  • Veterans Administration
  • Passport office
  • DMV to change vehicle registration
  • Any other institution or agency with which you have regular contact

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