You may have agreed to be with your spouse until death do you part, but sadly, it didn’t quite work out that way. Whether you were the one who agreed to it or it was your soon-to-be-ex spouse, the two of you are getting a divorce.

Some divorces happen because a couple slowly realizes they’re no longer compatible with one another. They decide to do what’s best for each other’s personal wellbeing and split up.

That said, some divorces are not always so cut and dried. Spouses may surprise their husband or wife with a divorce request. This can be earth-shattering, especially if the blindsided spouse didn’t see any apparent issues in the relationship.

6 Ways to Take Care of Yourself After a Divorce

In such a situation, you may feel a million emotions from hour to hour. You may switch from being sad, scared, angry, and even hopeful about the future. If you have children, your feelings may be even more complicated. After all, your family life as you know it no longer exists.

From now on, one of you will only get scheduled visitations and weekends with the children while the other ex-spouse will be the full-time parent.

It’s more important than anything that you prioritize your own wellbeing during and after a divorce. Your physical and mental health can take a beating, and it may feel like you won’t ever recover.

Here are some ways you can begin caring for yourself right away:

1. Practice Positive Self-Talk

If your ex-spouse initiated the divorce, you may feel like a failure. After all, you promised to be with them for the rest of your lives, and now that’s not going to happen. Surely it’s your fault the marriage went wrong.

This kind of self-talk is only going to drag you down as you navigate your post-divorce life. You must think of this as a fresh start. Take everything one day at a time.

Be gentle and kind to yourself. Talk as if you were speaking to a friend. Would you tell your friend to their face that they’re a failure? Of course not! Start treating yourself like a friend.

2. Get on a Normal Sleep Schedule

It’s common for you to have trouble sleeping as you’re going through a divorce. The sheer stress and anxiety of your uncertain future can keep you up at night. You may also have a difficult time transitioning to sleeping in an empty bed.

Do your best to get and stay on a regular sleep schedule. Make sure you get at least seven or eight hours of sleep at night.

3. Meditate and Exercise

Meditation is ideal for new divorcees because it allows you to completely clear your head. You need time to remove the stress, sadness, and anger from your life.

Exercising benefits your body in so many ways. You’ll look and feel better and have more energy. The endorphins that flood your body will make you feel more optimistic as well. Whether you join a gym, participate in a sport, or pick up running, biking, swimming, or hiking, all physical activity is good for you.

4. Reform Your Diet

In your pain, you may not care what you eat. You may stop eating for a period. It can be tempting to rely on alcohol to block the suffering you’re going through.

It’s more important than ever to consume a nutritious, healthy diet. The stress of a divorce can trigger the hormone cortisol, which may lead to weight gain. Again, you’ll also feel and look better and have more energy to tackle the tasks before you.

5. Find Yourself Again

Who were you before the divorce? Who were you at the happiest times in your marriage? What kinds of activities and hobbies did you enjoy? Consider taking these up again. If you find they don’t fulfill you like they used to, try a new hobby.

The life you build at this point is now completely your own. You choose how you fill your time, so make the most of every single day.

6. Grieve

Yes, all our tips thus far have been about ways to move on with your life post-divorce. That doesn’t mean you should bury your feelings or pretend like you don’t have any, though.

You do have feelings, and they were likely deeply hurt from the divorce. You may miss your former spouse. You may even still love them.

No matter how you feel about your ex-husband or ex-wife, you lost them. You lost the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with. You lost your marriage, which was a central part of your life. You may have even lost your home and a full-time life with your children.

Let yourself be sad. Let yourself cry and get your feelings out. This is what helps you move on.

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