By growing up in the middle of family feuds, one becomes fully aware of the challenges life can bring. After a divorce, people start to grow distant from each other, which at times can be inevitable if you are seeking to move on in life. The decision to divorce can cause huge imprints on the children’s lives. After children of divorce grow up, they can find it hard to love again since they will have experienced the frustrations which come along with love. Below are the different ways in which children of divorce love.

1. They are Careful to Whom they Give their Heart

As people who have been victims of post-divorce drama, they know how painful and hard separations can be. By experiencing life’s cruelty at a very young age, such children will have trust issues as they would not like to undergo what their parents went through. When they decide to let someone into their lives, they do so with great certainty and awareness.

2. They are Reserved until they Find Real Love

Children of divorce are reserved when it comes to love, considering that life was hard for them at a very early age. The hard life they faced will have taught them to take things with a proverbial grain of salt. These children will have drawn an invisible line around them, which can seem selfish, but it is for their good.

3. They are Hard to Love

After the devastating consequences of divorce, these children embark on a restless search of safety in their whole life. As such, they require one to put in their best if they are to make a love commitment. To ensure that the love thrives, you should understand them and never give up on them, and in return, they will love you back from the depths of their heart.

4. They are Realistic about Love

No matter the pain they will have undergone in their childhood, these children will never give up on true love. They avoid indulging in something that might be destructive to them, and as such, they will remain realistic instead of having unrealistic happiness for a short duration.

5. They Pay Attention to Flaws

Due to the tragic experience they had in their childhood, children of divorce are very cautious when it comes to relationships. By being casualties of their parent’s broken marriage, they will be careful to pinpoint any flaws which can lead to similar results in their relationships.

6. They Question Everything

To ensure that they are always on the safe side, these children seek eternal answers to the question why. They will often want you to prove your love to them which can at times seem to be very demanding. If they think that you are working behind their backs, they will react insanely.

7. They Hate Being Abandoned

The thought of abandonment frightens them to the core, because they will have gone through life after divorce. As such, when you commit yourself to a relationship with children of divorce, make good on your promises and never walk out of their lives.

8. They Love Good Communication

Children of divorce understand that lack of basic communication was the reason behind their parent’s separation. Therefore, they prefer a lover who knows how to communicate perfectly, and never hides their thoughts especially to people they consider to be close.

Have Hope. Healthy Love is Possible

You can not achieve healthy love if you’re coming from a place of worry. Healthy love is achieved when you’re proactive in your relationships. There are many ways to improve relationships to create long-lasting and happy marriages, but you have to work to get there. Even for children of divorce, gaining a positive attitude about marriage and developing healthy relationship skills is possible.

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