Halloween can be such a fun time for divorced parents sharing custody to celebrate with the kids and make memories together that will last a lifetime. In Utah child custody cases, if both parents will be spending any amount of time caring for a minor child, a parent-time schedule is typically ordered by the judge. It usually includes Halloween and other public holidays and personal family occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. However, in case of discrepancies, below are common ways parents can both have Halloween time with their child and fix issues without child custody attorneys:

Planning to Sharing Custody During Halloween

The simplest and most fool-proof way to handle Halloween custody disputes is to prevent them by making sure that your court-ordered parent time schedule includes all holidays for both even- and odd-numbered years.

Both parents must be able to depend on a parent-time schedule that is complete and makes it easy to co-parent smoothly during holidays. A thorough parenting plan saves both parents from potential issues and enables them to relax and look forward to enjoying Halloween and all other happy occasions with their child every year.

If your parent-time schedule is lacking some needed inclusions, like a Halloween plan, you can ask your Utah child custody attorneys to petition the court for a modification. A judge can alter the custody order to correct omissions and/or other issues in the order.

Share or Split Halloween Time and Events

If parents live in the same area, they may be able to share the day with their child together or split the day, and each attends different activities with their child. If parents live longer distances apart, it may make the most sense to alternate Halloween parent-time from one year to the next.

Halloween Day If Halloween is on a school day, consider splitting the day between the two parents so that one has the early parent-time part of the day. He or she can help the child get into the costume, do the face painting, take pictures, etc. If the holiday is on a weekend, there are likely to be trick-or-treat opportunities at local malls and other fun and safe public places.
On Halloween, young children are eager to go trick-or-treating in the early evening. Parents escort their kids as they move from one door to the next to ensure their safety near public streets, monitor their visits to neighborhood homes or businesses, and just enjoy watching their children have a unique and exciting experience.
Other Halloween Event Options There are usually some public events for kids on days near the Halloween date. So, kids can celebrate Halloween twice. They can dress up in their costumes again and enjoy holiday events with each parent on a different day. Check local information about such activities at malls and other places offering kids’ Halloween festivities in safe traffic-free environments.

Guidance Through Parent-Time Issues at Halloween

Disputes over Halloween parent-time is much more likely if the holiday custody schedule for each year is not set forth clearly in writing. If you are in a Halloween holiday parent-time conflict with your ex, you may need help to modify your Utah custody holiday schedule as quickly as possible.

If you have a holiday custody conflict, or your ex has child custody lawyers involved, call Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law, P.C. at (801) 441-2388, or contact us here online.

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