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How to Keep Your Cool When Filing Tax Return After Divorce

Going through a divorce is hard enough already. When you throw in filing taxes as a separated or divorced couple, it can seem overwhelming. The first thing you and your former spouse need to do is determine your filing status. What is Your New Filing Status After Divorce? How does divorce affect taxes? It turns out in nearly every way possible. While your filing status probably remained unchanged and was automatic during your marriage, that is no longer the case.…

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DUI Charges: How to Help Your Case Before it Gets to Court

  Seeing the blue and red flashing lights in the rear-view mirror is never a heartening sight. Seeing them when you have made an error as grave as driving under influence (DUI) is scarier. A DUI charge should be avoided as far as possible, but when it hasn’t been, there are several ways to deal with it before it reaches a long-standing, embarrassing battle in court. After being arrested, a DUI case moves quickly in the chambers of justice, and…

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