Child custody agreements are legal arrangements that dictate which responsibilities each parent has for their children. Child custody is generally divided into legal and physical custody. Legal custody involves having the responsibility of making legal decisions for the child while physical custody dictates where the child will physically reside. Both types of child custody have different options, such as joint and sole, and child custody agreements can often be tailored to suit the needs of the children in question.

Even in the case of an amiable situation between parents, having an attorney to aid in the child custody procedure is very important. Good attorneys can help with child custody the following five ways:


(1) A Good Attorney Knows What To Expect

A good lawyer will be experienced in family law and will be prepared. They will know what to expect from other parties involved and will be ready for any curve balls that could be thrown at you. This is a valuable asset because having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney will get you the best results.

(2) A Good Attorney Will Be a Great Negotiator

The American Bar Association reports that less than 5% of cases in a child custody battle actually go before a judge. This means that the majority of the time the parents determine custody arrangements before they enter the courthouse through negotiations with each other and lawyers. Having a good attorney at this step is vital and ensures you don’t get taken advantage of or have your rights lost in the process. A good attorney will be familiar with the terms associated with child custody and will negotiate for your best interests. This is a step where those who do not have a lawyer can be intimidated and lose rights that they deserve.

(3) A Good Attorney Will Have Confidence in the Courtroom

If the case does go before a judge, a good attorney will know how to fight for your rights in the courtroom. They will be confident and will have pertinent information ready to support their claims. They will be able to answer the judge’s questions with ease and will be prepared to make statements and use evidence to support them.

(4) A Good Attorney Will Help You Set Up Child Support

A good lawyer will focus on child support issues. A good attorney can make sure that the child support you receive is sufficient for your children or he can ensure that you are not overpaying.  Without a lawyer, you might not know the child support norms, causing you to overpay or not receive enough money, depending on your situation.

(5) A Good Attorney Will Have You and Your Children’s Best Interests at Heart

In trying to obtain only the most beneficial child custody agreement, a good child custody lawyer shows that he cares about his client and the children involved in the agreement. Experience in the family law field allows good attorneys to understand that a custody arrangement can be a contentious issue, but it is important to find a solution that equally benefits all of the parties involved. A good attorney will fight for your rights and make sure that you get what you deserve, while looking out for you children.

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