For many families, divorce is an emotionally devastating event that could sever the bond between husband and wife. In fact, it could sometimes dissolve the ties between both parents and the children. All is not lost though .You can always exercise your right for an equitable visitation schedule with the help of your divorce attorney. To ensure that this right is properly exercised and protected, consider seeking legal assistance from a trusted and highly skilled lawyer.Divorce Do's and don'ts


The court may decide to grant custody to either you or your spouse after the divorce is finalized. If the custodial party does not allow you to visit the children, then it becomes a problem. In this case, you may want to express your wish for visitation to the court by consulting your divorce attorney.

The Utah State Legislature highlights the need to consider the best interest of the children when it comes to visitation rights. To safeguard the welfare and developmental needs of the children, the court created a few guidelines that zero in on specific conditions for minimum visitation schedule, advisory matters, and requirements for non-custodial parents.

The Role of a Divorce Attorney

Getting a reasonable visitation schedule is often difficult because this is where both parents experience conflicts. At the same time, you also need to take heed of the fact that the legal process is a bit complicated. For this reason, you should consult a lawyer for your guidance.

Your attorney can help you understand the following aspects of the legal process.

  • Development Needs of Your Children

    • The court strongly advocates the protection and security of your children’s needs. Your lawyer can help you design a plan that takes into account the developmental needs of your children. As much as possible, emphasize in your visitation request how you will be able to accommodate these needs as a non-custodial parent.
  • Visitation Schedule

    • As a parent, you are strongly encouraged to be open-minded about the pros and cons of your visitation schedule. With your lawyer, create a schedule that would yield more benefits for the children. For the time being, you may need to anticipate the possibility that the schedule you provide could disrupt your daily routine or that of your children.
  • Means of Communication

    • In some cases, both parents have unsettled differences that could hamper the communication between the children and the parent. In extreme instances where domestic violence or hostility is present, a lawyer could draft a letter for the children. If the court issues an Order of Protection, your lawyer could ask the court to modify the order.

Other Considerations

As a parent, always remember that the divorce should not prevent you from developing a healthy parent-child relationship. Your children fare best when they constantly receive emotional and financial support from both parents. Meaningful involvement is always expected especially if the children are still young. In particular, bear in mind that forming a positive bond with your children is a lifelong process. Seek legal advice from a reputable divorce attorney to help you spend more quality time with your children.

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