Divorce might be a bit unpleasant and cumbersome, but not if you hire the right attorney. To know how to hire the right one, you need to know their most essential qualities first. To overcome people’s irrationalities during divorce proceedings, an expert attorney is highly useful.

Utah Divorce Attorney

Characteristics That Make a Great Divorce Attorney:


Look through the divorce attorney’s resume to find out what degrees he/she has and (more importantly) where did they get these degrees from. The next thing is to determine what states he/she is licensed to practice law in. You might be living in one state and your estranged spouse in another, so you need to ensure that the attorney can handle matters related to both states. Qualifications also entail memberships in various law societies, references from judges or senior lawyers, practice history and testimonials from clients.


Along with academic qualities, the attorney must also have experience in dealing with a wide variety of legal cases. He/she should have handled cases of divorce, child custody, distribution of property, alimony and other aspects of family law. This might be visible in the testimonials he/she provides. The longer and wider the experiences, the easier the process will be for the client.

Case-building skills:

Each case depends heavily on how the attorney builds it and which angle of the case the attorney chooses to draw light upon. The attorney can settle the matter of allocation of assets through mediation and negotiation and when that is unsuccessful through a trial. The lawyer should have several backup plans and a complete idea of the entire scenario if the case, to manage the case.

Communication ability:

A divorce attorney’s ability to communicate clearly is critical. During a case, the lawyer has to communicate the client’s concerns, needs and expectations to the judge and the other party. For this, he/she needs complete information about the case and the emotional involvement of the client and the opposite party. The attorney’s ability to communicate with the opposite party and their spouse is also important as that can lead to the settlement of various important issues outside of the court, thus making the process less of a hassle.


The attorney should be calm and composed at all times, even at times of extreme crisis. An attorney who is easily scared can lose his ability to negotiate or argue and thus lose the case. A good divorce attorney should be able to handle himself maturely in the face of the biggest surprise disclosures and be thoroughly professional when representing you in court.


A divorce attorney might handle multiple cases at one time, so it is important for him to be well organized and give time to each client. It is better to get an attorney who has a prompt and organized support staff so that you can reach someone at the office at any time. The attorney should make time for his client and keep up with assigned meetings.


Usually we measure quality with price, but there are great divorce attorneys who are affordable. Keeping unusually high charges is quite unprofessional and discouraging. So look for a professional who has reasonable charges and gives more personal attention to the case.


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