Did you know that nearly 30% of married women under age 20 get divorced per year? Were you aware that there is one divorce every 13 seconds? What about the fact that nearly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce? All of these statistics point to one thing—divorce is a prominent legal undertaking in the United States. The reasons for getting a divorce are plentiful but there is one thing that everyone getting a divorce needs—a divorce attorney.

Divorce attorneys are lawyers who specialize in issues of divorce, annulment, and dissolution of marriages. While any lawyer can give you legal advice, divorce lawyers are invaluable tools to those who are getting a divorce. They can make the difference between a relatively smooth divorce and a complete nightmare, preventing you from getting taken advantage of and ensuring you have what you need. In order to accomplish all of these things, divorce attorneys should have the following special qualities:

Qualities Divorce Attorneys Should Have

Understanding and sympathy

A divorce is one of the most emotionally and physically trying experiences that a person can go through. Because of the intensity of the experience, divorce attorneys need to be understanding and sympathetic. Clients often open up about emotional experiences in their marriage and feelings are often exposed. Good divorce attorneys are understanding and sympathetic and never make their clients feel judged, uncomfortable, or awkward.

Great communicators

All lawyers need to communicate well, but this is especially important for divorce attorneys. Their communication skills need to be top notch because they are almost always in contact with several different groups at one time concerning the same issue. They might be discussing your divorce with you, talking to your spouse’s lawyer about the case, and setting up dates with the court, for instance. In addition, about 41% of first marriages end in divorce, meaning the spouses in those marriages are going through a divorce for the first time. Having a great communicator who can inform you and keep you updated on what’s going on is a great asset in these situations.


While divorce attorneys should be understanding and sympathetic, they should also be assertive. No one wants to go into a divorce with everything and come out with all of their resources taken away. Assertive divorce attorneys get their points across. Because many divorces end in out-of-court settlements, having an assertive lawyer is a great asset—they are better at negotiating and getting their clients what they need. A timid lawyer is likely to get overpowered by the other voices contributing to the case.


Not all divorces are the same, but having experience with divorce in general is a great positive. Divorce attorneys specialize in divorce so they have ample experience in the field. Some divorce attorneys have areas of specialty, such as contested divorces, annulments, etc. Regardless of your particular situation, a divorce attorney will be able to handle it due to their experience.

While divorce is a tricky situation, divorce lawyers are professionals who can handle some of the strain and make the time easier for you.

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