Families often undergo painful experiences especially when both parents decide to file for divorce. This decision has legal ramifications, which include child custody among other things. According to Utah State Courts, hiring a lawyer is not a legal requirement. What you only need to consider at this point though is that a reliable attorney can offer valuable guidance and legal support during the entire process. Your decision to seek legal assistance for child custody hearing will essentially depend on the following factors:

Legal vs. Physical Custody

According to Utah State Courts, a legal custody pertains to the right of a parent to make major decisions for the child. On the other hand, physical custody only allows a parent to decide where the child should live. In the best interest of the child, the court may provide joint legal custody unless there are relevant factors that can put the child at risk.

Your lawyer can thoroughly review your case before you attend a hearing. To design an effective approach, you need to work with your lawyer about your desired parenting plan. The court needs to understand your case especially about your genuine capacity to take care of the child. 


Regardless of the reasons why a marriage dissolves, both parents should seriously consider child custody. The Utah State Courts have legal jurisdiction especially when the child has resided in Utah for the past six months. With the expert guidance of an attorney, you can confidently move ahead in the custody procedures.

Getting a divorce does not free you and your spouse from your parental obligations. As parents, you and your spouse have the legal right to take care of your child. However, the court must make the final decision. Your lawyer can provide full legal representation depending on your current circumstances.

Best Interest of the Child 

In fighting for custody, you need a highly skilled lawyer who can strongly present your case before the judge. An attorney can effectively convince the court that you have adequate financial resources for child support. The court may decide in your favor if your lawyer can clearly justify and substantiate your plans for the child.

Custody Hearing

When you receive a legal notice for custody hearing, you should seriously weigh whether an attorney is necessary or not. You may still attend the hearing without a legal representation. However, consider that a highly qualified lawyer can protect you from more damages. Your attorney can provide you with a clear explanation about the legal process.

Trust and Competence

Lawyers can be very helpful during a custody hearing. Ideally, you should provide your attorney with complete details about your personal circumstances especially during a divorce and child custody hearing. Discuss your concerns clearly so that an appropriate approach will be used to handle your case.

To make this possible, you also need to find a reliable attorney. This means you should not rely on someone whose track record is questionable. Look for a reputable lawyer who can aggressively convince the court to favor your side.

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