Going through a divorce can be a complicated process; however, when someone is living with a spouse while going through a divorce, the situation can get messy. It is important for every spouse to understand the living arrangements during a divorce. There are tips that everyone can follow that can help people surviving to live together during divorce. Following this helpful advice can make a challenging process unfold as smoothly as possible.

Place the Kids First in a Divorce

Always think about the kids. This is one of the aspects that the two spouses can almost always agree on. When conflict unfolds in front of the children, kids feel like they need to take sides. This is incredibly unhealthy for children and should be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, saying horrible things in front of the children will set a poor example. Make sure to place the kids first. Finally, remember that the court may take a parent’s relationship with their kids into consideration when trying to determine custody and visitation rights. For this reason, parents need to work together for the best interests of their children at all times. Keep the kids out of the conflict.

Working Together on Financial Issues During a Divorce

Finances can be a complicated issue when it comes to divorce proceedings. When two spouses live together, they save money by not having to furnish two homes. Therefore, financial decisions should be made to maximize these benefits. Think about how the bills are going to be paid. Will the money come out of a joint account or separate accounts? Try to avoid big purchases and vacations as this will help save money for the future. Remember that both assets and debs are still a part of the marital estate. Wasting assets and adding to debt will only lead to more complications when it comes to the division of the estate.

Give Each Other Plenty of Room

If divorce is truly the next step, there is little hope for reconciliation. Therefore, it is only natural to feel like people are ready to move on and drift apart. Even if two people have to live under the same roof while the divorce proceedings are unfolding, try to give a wide berth. It might a good idea to move into separate rooms when possible. Try to cultivate a meaningful life outside of marriage. Spend time with friends and get out of the house. Giving each other plenty of space will minimize the potential for conflict as the divorce case proceeds.

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