You were in marriage but broke up. You still have the responsibility of taking care of your children. However, given that the children may be with your ex-partner and circumstances surrounding your divorce, co-parenting may not be easy. Here are a few hacks to make the experience worthwhile and enable you to give the best care to your children.

1. Support Your Ex-Partner and Stay Positive

Despite the fact that you both moved on, you are part of the children’s lives. It takes co-operation to raise the children well. Therefore, be supportive of your ex when it comes to raising the children. Know your responsibilities and ensure that you fulfill them on time. Where there are conflicts, approach issues with the aim of getting an amicable solution that is fair to both of you.

2. Make Use of Technology

Let your children feel your presence in their lives even in cases where you are not physically present for a given time. Such apps as FaceTime and Google Chat can enable children to share a part of their lives with you. It also helps with bonding. You can use the apps to share everything from videos of your playful cat to helping with the homework.

3. Seek Advice Where There is Conflict

Sometimes the co-parent fails to remit his or her support, misses important events in the lives of the children or abandons his or her responsibility altogether. Seek legal advice before making a move. An experienced divorce lawyer may help in finding the best course of action. Avoid taking blind steps as may cause bigger problems in raising the children.

4. Create a Shared Calendar

It is easy to forget some events where your presence is needed such as school prize giving day, clinic visits and more. This is usually the main cause of conflicts in co-parenting. The best way to avoid such conflicts is to create a shared calendar where you schedule activities together. In each event, define the role of each parent for clarity.

You may set reminders days before the events so that you keep on top of your schedule. You may consider using Google Calendar or its equivalent that can be shared across multiple accounts and email addresses.

5. Know Your Boundaries

Your ex-partner has been part of your life, and there is a risk that you may drag other issues when co-parenting responsibilities force you to meet. Know the limits of your conversations, outings and chats. Keep your issues to yourself unless they are interfering with your ability to perform your parenting responsibilities. Going beyond raising kids is likely to open up wounds that came about when you were breaking up which makes co-parenting harder.

Salt Lake City, Utah Divorce Attorneys at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law Can Help

With proper planning and commitment, co-parenting can be a lot easier and fun. Regular communication with the partner and the kids is also important. It ensures that you are on the same page with the co-parent. However, if everything fails to work, contact Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law, P.C in Salt Lake City, Utah for advice and legal assistance. Our experienced divorce attorneys offer free 30-minute consultations and full divorce services in an environment that is respectful and ensures your privacy. Give us a call today at 801-441-2388.

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