The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys (AIFL) is a division of the American Institute of Legal Counsel (AILC), which awards ratings across over a dozen divisions of legal representation, For example, Criminal Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Employment & Labor Law, and other primary specializations. It is one of the legal field’s high honors to be identified as one of the institute’s top-ranked attorneys among all those in a given specialization in their home state. So, Wall Legal Solutions is especially proud to have our team named among the AILC’s highest-rated Family Law attorneys in Utah.

To achieve the AILC honor, attorneys must meet all three criteria listed below:

  1. Reach the highest level of achievement in their legal specialization.
  2. Have a consistently excellent Client Satisfaction rating.
  3. Receive a formal nomination by the AILC, a client, or fellow lawyers.

Best Family Law Lawyers in Utah – AILC Selection Process

Many thousands of lawyers throughout the country work hard and achieve success. However, the levels of client satisfaction remain average, below average, or fluctuate inconsistently. The best attorneys are in step with the reality that their client is the person who needs to be satisfied with their performance in each case.

The AILC top attorney ratings recognize only lawyers who have succeeded in the standard ways recognized in the field. For example, winning cases in court, settling cases favorably for their clients out of court, and other ways that enable justice to prevail on behalf of their clients and otherwise indicate that they have performed in the best possible way in each case.

Ultimately, however, the ideal measure of success is the length to which an attorney has worked within the legal boundaries to serve justice for his or her client to the very fullest extent. That is the area of performance in which the AILC focuses its selection process for recognizing this kind of professional excellence.

How AILC Ratings Benefit Our Clients

Membership in the American Institute of Legal Counsel’s Top 10 list is exclusive to those select few attorneys in the field who have achieved at the highest levels of the profession while maintaining an exemplary record of Client Satisfaction Ratings.

Rating attorneys through the AILC system has a practical purpose in recognizing excellence among attorneys. It is to enable people seeking legal services of any type in the country to make better-informed decisions when choosing an attorney for their particular needs.

Other AILC Contributions to the Quality of Legal Services

In addition to the AILC ratings, which help people throughout the U.S. make well-informed choices when they need to hire an attorney, the AILC also offers:

  • Continuing education opportunities for law professionals.
  • The legal best practices database for quick reference by law firms.
  • Other critical resources for attorneys of all specializations in all states

States with larger populations may be divided into cities or regions to make the published information more useful to prospective clients who use the AILC website to look for a law office.

Why is Wall Legal Solutions in the Institute’s Top 10?

At Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law, P.C., we help people in Utah who are embroiled in difficult legal processes win the best outcomes of their cases. Our law firm takes great pride in our many years of serving our community in seeing our clients and their families freed from their legal entanglements and able to move forward to happier times in their lives.

We’re here to help you through legally tough times. We listen very carefully to provide you with our review of your divorce, child custody, adoption, or other family law case and help you determine your best options.

If you need the state’s best family law attorney, you’re not limited to just searching law firms near me. To get more meaningful results, search 10 best family law lawyers in Utah. OR:

For an AILC-selected member of the institute’s TOP 10 Best Law Firms, call Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law, P.C. at (801) 441-2388 or contact us here online.

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