A divorce can be quite strenuous. Child custody disputes only make it worse. You are steadfast towards winning custody of your child, but are you doing it right? Do you know what works and what doesn’t work in your favor? Here are the top 5 tips for when you are experiencing a child custody dispute.

1. Prepare the Necessary Documentation

This should be done in cases where you genuinely believe that the other party poses any danger to the children. A history of physical and emotional abuse, violence, drug use, and alcohol abuse present an unhealthy environment that children should not be exposed to. You should have documents showing your interactions with your ex as well as their interaction with the children. You should try as much as possible to lay down the facts without disparaging the other parent. Remember that they might be harboring the same feelings towards you and are preparing similar documents. Be prepared.

2. Communicate About Things that Concern the Child

Your child’s best interests should take priority. Communicating freely with your ex about things that concern the child demonstrates a willingness to work together for the child’s good. Communicate about things such as school functions, doctor’s appointments, play dates, and so on to give the other parent a chance to participate. Be courteous and respectful always.

3. Maintain a Good Environment

The environment within which you intend to bring up the child could be used as grounds to deny or allow you custody. The home should be nurturing, child-friendly, and safe. Do the necessary repairs and enhance your home’s safety, so you are deemed a fit parent. Remember that family law courts in Utah will base their custody decision based on the child’s interests. As such, you should do everything possible to demonstrate that you’re willing to prioritize them.

4. Make Time for the Child

Trying to attain a financially secure environment for the child is great and well meant, but doing this at the expense of the child will only work against you. Continually rescheduling your visitations makes it appear that you are filing for custody out of malice. Custody rulings are made based on the time you spend with the child, your ability to provide for them daily, and nurture their physical, developmental, emotional, and social needs. Document each time you spend with the child so that your ex does not exhibit a negative pattern in court.

5. Seek the Services of an Attorney

The above steps may work towards your favor, but without the proper legal advice, you are not guaranteed to win. A child custody case is bound to drain you emotionally due to the stress associated with it. An experienced attorney will guide you on any legal requirements and give you the necessary legal advice.

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