Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law, P.C. wish you a pleasant holiday season and plenty of support to see you through. Know that you have good counsel on your side, and you can entrust your personal matters to us, helping you to handle personal challenges with strength and grace.

We know that many people meet the festive season with joy, anticipation. . .and stress. Parents who have separated from each other may have more than their share of the latter.

Is there any way to survive the holidays as a separating parent—and keep a balanced, healthful mental state throughout? Your situation is unique to you, but there are two vital keys to holiday co-parenting success.

One key is preparation. Take time to plan ahead for the season’s needs and activities. It’s far better for everybody than avoiding communication and letting the chips fall where they may. The other key, of paramount importance, is putting the child’s interests first. These co-parenting tips integrate both keys:

  • Remember the aspects of the season that brought you childhood joy. Keep your memories in mind, and consider how to offer your child or children similar positivity. You are going through your own experience, and that matters. At the same time, know that you are creating memories and sensations that will stay in your child’s mind for years.
  • Treat yourself gently. The holidays are not a competition between the parents. Even if they don’t unfold perfectly, there will be many more to come. You are in the parent role for the long term.
  • Gentleness usually wins the day with kids, too. Treasure it, remembering this time is really about taking the opportunity to show thanks to others and exemplify love to your kids.
  • Remember that planning is as important to a child as to an adult. Write down a proposed plan, including a timetable showing who is with whom, and when. Do your best to anticipate the scheduling convenience of both parents.
  • Share the timetable with your child once both parents approve a version of it. Then, avoid changing plans unilaterally once they are made. Help ensure a sense of stability, and show your child that your word can be relied on—or explain why something changes if it must.
  • Propose assignments for gift purchases. Specify what the gifts will be, to avoid duplication or confusion. The idea is the ensure your child has what would be given ordinarily, to promote stability and a normal set of expectations for the child. To keep a healthful set of expectations all around, be sure to feature, in your proposed agreement, ample opportunities for exercise, creative activities, and healthful foods—not an overabundance of party spreads, TV and video games, and sweets.
  • Preserving relationships with both parents is usually the one thing that’ll make your kid happiest. Nurture your child’s impulse to keep a solid relationship with each of you. Offer the child room to establish a repertoire with both of you as independent people and parents. Be more flexible than necessary. Praise fair efforts your co-parent might make.
  • Focus on the positive good you are doing for your child. A strong parent puts the child’s interests first. Acknowledge your strength.

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