A staggering 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. will end in divorce, and in over 70 percent of cases, women file for divorce. Some typical reasons women divorce men include infidelity, financial problems, and lack of commitment, among others. If you’re a man facing divorce, you need to avoid common mistakes men make during the legal process that can have severe and lasting personal and financial consequences. You need to prepare well for your divorce, especially if you have children, or you have substantial shared assets with your wife.

7 Common Mistakes Men Make in Divorce

To avoid making serious mistakes that can alter the course of the future for your children and you, prepare yourself for your divorce and obtain sound legal advice on how to proceed. To start, be sure you do not make these significant mistakes:

Rejecting opportunities to negotiate

Refusing to negotiate or agree to mediation to resolve issues during a divorce only prolongs the process, which increases the legal costs and stress. Ultimately, your wife will be awarded some of what she asks for, even if you fail to participate in the process. So, accept that it is in your interest to be civil and work to negotiate reasonably. She will need to do the same in her interest. Negotiating in good faith during divorce is the way to the fastest and fairest outcome.

Assuming you’ll automatically lose child custody

Historically, mothers have been awarded child custody in the vast majority of divorce cases. However, in more recent years, it has become more and more common for divorcing parents to reach mutual agreements outside court that serve the children’s best interests. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you through the custody process and build your best case for custody if you choose to petition the court for it.

Ignoring divorce proceedings

It is not possible to stop your spouse from obtaining a divorce by ignoring the legal process. On the contrary, if you do not respond throughout the court proceeding, the judge can hand down a default judgment that may grant your spouse a division of assets that you believe is unfair. So, it is essential to your best interest that you do not forfeit your right to negotiate. You can lose your fair share of the marital assets, custody, or shared custody of your children, and anything else your spouse may have asked the court to grant if you give up your rights.

Undermining your children’s relationship with their mother

Making derogatory remarks about your wife to your children during the divorce is something she’ll likely become aware of, and it may cause serious damage to your relationships with your kids. It can also damage your case in court. So, even if you feel your wife is being unfair in divorcing you or in the terms she proposes, you should not use your children to retaliate. It’s bad for your children and you.

Retaliating against your wife for divorcing you

Some men let the pain of facing divorce overpower their judgment, and they take impulsive actions to punish their wives for leaving. The desire to strike out when in pain may be natural, but it’s not acceptable to do it. So, do not try to destroy your wife’s reputation with family, friends, and neighbors. Don’t spread the word that she’s trying to take everything from you. It makes you look bad, and it gives her lawyers a better case against you. So, by all means, remember that you’re in charge of keeping your dignity and composure.

Letting the same lawyer handle the divorce for both parties

Even if you and your spouse are cooperatively working to end your marriage amicably, you still need your own attorney. It’s an impressive accomplishment to work out your own divorce terms. It speaks well of you and your spouse. But, you do need to protect your rights and the best interests of your children. So, have an attorney examine the legal points of the financial, child custody, and spousal support, and other agreements in your divorce before those are submitted to the court.

Acting on legal advice from unqualified sources

Many people get a lot of legal advice about divorce from friends and family members who are not lawyers. Even if people have already been through their divorce processes, they’re unqualified to advise you on yours. A divorce can be complicated, and every case is different from any other. You need to research your legal options and obtain advice and guidance from an experienced divorce lawyer. The effort you make to prepare for the divorce process the right way can significantly impact the rest of your life.

Get Legal Help to Avoid Divorce Mistakes

Divorces involving marital assets, child custody issues, and spousal support are complex legal cases. In such a legal process, you need an experienced Utah divorce lawyer. Your attorney will make sure all your rights are fully protected. Your lawyer will build the best possible case to fight for your rights to child custody and make sure that you are awarded all the marital assets you are entitled to receive.

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