April Fool’s day, as you may well know, is an annual celebration that is filled with fun and excitement. Around this time of the year, pranksters beguile their innocent victims with seemingly harmless invitations and jokes.

The history of All Fool’s Day, as it was previously called, is still unclear. One version of the story says that it all began in France in the late sixteenth century when Gregorian calendar was declared official.

Many people believe that this type of celebration must stop because it is no longer useful. However, people who are fond of pranks and jokes prefer to preserve this tradition.

One expert declares that there is a new trend in April Fool’s celebration. Unlike before when most jokes and pranks were prepared at home, today many pranks are done by media institutions.

Regardless of its mysterious history and current trends, April’s Fool’s celebrations often go awry. When the object of jests and pranks is not happy, chances are the jester will face a legal punishment. Here are some popular jokes and pranks that turned out rather badly.


Dihydrogen Monoxide

Last 2002, residents of Kansas City immediately called 911 and the water department after two disc jockeys made an announcement about the high amount of dihydrogen monoxide in Olathe water.

No one suspected that this announcement was merely a silly prank by the DJs. However, that joke elicited fear and panic among Kansas citizens that they even speculated it was an act of terrorism.

Dihydrogen monoxide is simply water but unfortunately no one bothered to verify this chemical nomenclature. Consequently, the DJs who pulled it off were reprimanded.

A Barber’s Prank Gone Bad

When George Birko decided to work topless in April 1980, he meant it as a joke and perhaps as a marketing ploy. But the entire act did not go smoothly as he thought it would be.

When people notice his sign “Topless Stylist on Duty,” their attention was instantly hooked. In fact, his stunt caused a major traffic congestion that caught the attention of the police.

Curious about the topless barber, the state’s licensing board even visited the shop to investigate. Obviously, his prank did not please everyone in Ohio.

Playboy Playmates Student Pranks

In 1984, a group of students from Rancho Alamitos High School faced a serious problem after they took a photo of five female students lining up for a Playboy photo shoot. The school officials, after witnessing the spoof, decided to cease the distribution of the school newspaper.

The case came to the attention of the Santa Ana Court of Appeals. As a result of that prank, the school and the court decided to stop the distribution. More than that, one of the editors was even called for inquiry.

According to the news report, the editor failed to inform those female students that the photo was intended as a spoof.

Word of Caution for Pranksters

To avoid serious consequences, pranks and jokes must be studied carefully. Here’s what you should consider before you unleash your “joker” side.

  • Target – Make sure you know the person very well before you make your more. This way, you will be able to gauge his or her reaction.
  • Risks – Assess the risks involved. Safety issues that you choose to overlook will surely lead to legal problems.

While it is true that there are many April Fools prank fail in history, it need not stop you from enjoying this fun filled celebration. Just remember that when pranks get out of control, you may face lawsuits that can cost you a fortune.

For legal assistance and advice, consult a reputable lawyer who can help you get a fair representation.

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