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April Fools Gone Wrong: From Jokes to Lawsuits

April Fool’s day, as you may well know, is an annual celebration that is filled with fun and excitement. Around this time of the year, pranksters beguile their innocent victims with seemingly harmless invitations and jokes. The history of All Fool’s Day, as it was previously called, is still unclear. One version of the story says that it all began in France in the late sixteenth century when Gregorian calendar was declared official. Many people believe that this type of…

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How to be a Successful Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense lawyers are a rare breed of professionals who are high in demand and need to be carefully selected from a hoard of others. To be a successful criminal defense lawyer you need to be knowledgeable, along with several other traits that will make you more approachable as well as more professional. The fundamental trait of a successful criminal defense lawyer is that he should familiarize himself with the specifics of the client’s case and life. This involves extensive…

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What Qualities Should a Good Criminal Lawyer Have?

Criminal trials are a part of everyone’s everyday life, as we hear about them on TV and read about them in the news. People are keen to know what arguments were used and what defenses were brought by the lawyers to prove the accused’s innocence. But when it comes to a crisis of that magnitude in our personal lives, we need to know more than just what is shown on TV. We need to know what qualities to look for…

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How to Find a Quality Criminal Defense Lawyer

In this day and age, legal advertisements are everywhere – on TV, online, and plastered onto the sides of buses and Trax trains.  Furthermore, if you have been charged with a crime, you have likely received solicitations by mail from lawyers seeking to be hired.  With so many choices, finding the right lawyer for your case can be overwhelming.  With the possibility of severe penalties such as jail time, this is a decision not to be made lightly.  So where…

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How to Become a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Utah

The road to becoming a criminal defense attorney in Utah is a long and hard one, but worth it, especially if you are passionate about our rights as citizens and have an interest in criminal law, but no desire to work in corrections or as a policeman. Admission to law school in this state is not dependent on completing any specific pre-law courses –one must simply earn a bachelor’s degree from a school that is accredited by an agency recognized…

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